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Further Thoughts About Who's Right About Reality? Traditionalists, Modernists or Post Modernists

This talk was the first event presented by The Association for Cultural Evolution at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness. The foundation of the talk was given at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. Huston Smith is the author of Beyond the Post-Modern Mind and Forgotten Truth: the Primordial Tradition. His perennially popular Religions of Man (revised as The World's Religions in 1992) has sold over two million copies. He has produced three series of films for National Education Television, as well as "Tibet: Requiem for a Faith," "India and the Infinite, and "Islamic Mysticism: The Sufi Way". Dr. Smith was a Professor of Philosophy at MIT for fifteen years, Distinguished Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Syracuse University and is currently Visiting Professor of Religious Studies, UC Berkeley. Spring 1996, The Bill Moyers Show presented and featured a series of video productions based on Dr. Smith and his life work on national TV networks.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A200-95.   $21.99   
1 Video Cassette.   #V360-95.   $34.95   

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John Perry: Cultural Evolution Discussion, August 13, 1998

John’s last public performance, with appearances by Creon Levit, Brian Wallace, Byron Belitsos, Karil Daniels, Jean Leidlof, John Gilmore, Marina Gambles, Darrel Johsson, Mark Grieve and many more friends and neighbors.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A646-98.   $5.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V155-98.   $24.99   

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Overview: Practicing in the Jungian Way - Faustin Interviews

Dr. Perry studied literature and medicine at Harvard University, and trained at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. After serving during the war in China, he began a lifelong integration of cultural patterns and psychology, ranging from classical antiquity to Asian culture. He is a noted pioneer in psychiatric work with individuals experiencing both acute upheaval and spiritual breakthrough simultaneously. His contributions to the field of Jungian psychology, around which his work is oriented, include the classic 1953 study, The Self in Psychotic Process: Its Symbolization in Schizophrenia, The Far Side of Madness, Lord of the Four Quarters, and Roots of Renewal in Myth and Madness. A leading transpersonal theorist, his recent books include The Heart of History: Individuality and Evolution. This series of interviews/teachings takes place in the home/office where many clients have had the opportunity of experiencing a unique form of therapy with Dr. Perry. The quiet man shares his historical perspective of the weave of these times, and the societal psyche in which we are currently floundering. Many popular figures in art and psychology today draw directly from John W. Perry's years of work. We will help those interested in Dr. Perry's work obtain his books, tapes and articles.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A827-91.   $20.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V289-91.   $35.00   

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The Alphabet Versus The Goddess INTERVIEW

A great conversation with a very interesting person. Sound Photosynthesis recorded Dr. Shlain presenting his thesis for a full evening with slides...spell binding. Warm up with the interview and then get the video of the same title #.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1206-98.   $9.99   

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Thoughts on Stephen Wolfram’s Book, A New Kind of Science

1 Video Cassette.   #V570-2002.   $34.95   

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