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Ascension Celebration: Activation of the Ascension Chair in the Himalayas--LECTURE

"Dr. Milanovich, author of We, the Arcturians and Sacred Journey to Atlantis receives transmissions from the Ascended Masters and has presented these messages nationally and internationally, including twice to the United Nations. In this lecture, she tells that the movement of earth into the fifth dimension is destined to activate the Ascension Chair for humanity. Her presentation provides information on the use and purposes of this transformative device."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025g-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Ascending on the Wings of Love, Joy, Bliss & Enthusiasm

"Davina has been a student of metaphysics for 22 years, teacher of Surat Shabd yoga and hands-on healing. In this lecture she teaches the listener to activate the four forces within to further your ascension into the cosmic heart."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025LL-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Ascending Our Spirit While Living on Mother Earth

"Mark is the author of Calling All Workers of the Light and White Star. In this lecture he shares joyous stories on why we came to live on earth and where we as a race are going, while utilizing "Ascension Energies" to enrich our lives."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025ee-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Ascension with Nature

"Scott is a gardener, landscaper and farmer who has taught workshops throughout the west and at Findhorn. He interprets the awareness and wisdom of nature through writing, music and personal intuitive readings. His lecture includes exploring the spiritual dimension of ecology: healing the planet and ourselves by cooperating with the devic and elemental realms."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025aa-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Ascension--Our Destiny

"Zandriel and Shilea are teachers, healers and initiators who have worked in the fields of metaphysics and spirituality for the past five years. Through their lecture they reveal the nature and reason for the vibrational changes now occurring, and our role as Divine Agents of change."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025pp-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Ascension--The Alternative to Death

"Rananda tells us simply that all life includes alternatives and now we know the Alternative to Death is Ascension."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025ii-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Ashtar Command Ascension Activation--WORKSHOP

In this workshop, "She guides a multidimensional experience of empowerment, bi-location and celestial adventure with twin ray embodiment of Ashtar and Athena."
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A1025xx-92.   $18.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V172-92.   $35.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Ashtar Command Ascension Update

"Considered by many of her followers to be an awakened mystic...with clear recall of her celestial origins," this lecture includes, "direct embodiment, Ashtar and Athena, speaking on current Ascension waves and dimensional merging."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025i-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Awakening to Your Divinity

"Zarah's lecture focuses on the extraterrestrial/celestial mission to planet earth, and why so many of us are here at this time."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025qq-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Calibh Chean (Excalibur) and the Arthurian Mysteries

"Galadriel (Sylvia Schecter) has made a lifetime study of the Celtic art of geomancy, the energy flows of Earth. She and her husband Lawrence, an architect, lead tours to Sacred sites and centers in many parts of the world, and lecture on 'Temples of the Living Earth.' She is founder of the Alcyone Light Centre in Oregon, California."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025u-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Connect Your Light-Grids

"Cheryl Whiteford, N.D., R.H.Y. is a teacher, guide and author of the book, Light Body Grids. In this lecture she explains that the Grids are components of new light bodies. When activated, they open the door for new DNA patterns for our upcoming evolutionary leap."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025oo-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth

"Bill Eidson is a master of multi-dimensional frequencies and Dreamspell code breaking. He is the founder of the Interdimensional Travel Club. Currently he is teaching awakening the light body and creating stellar relationships. David Anderson is the Executive Director of Dreamspell. He is an attorney, specializing in natural law; he produced and financed the "Voice of the Planet" television series with William Shatner." In this lecture, the two invite us to "meet and experience other members of your galactic family through the Dreamspell."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025r-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Earthmasters Ascending

"Kasandra Clamente shares the substance of her channeled material....and focuses on "purifying and accelerating your vibrational frequencies by practicing with 'The 12 Chakras of Light' meditation."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025f-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Ed channels Master Samson

"Karen and Ed are co-authors of Dream Warrior Dream Journey. They invite the listener to join Karen and the out of body master Samson as channeled through Ed for an event of true awakening and entertainment."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025hh-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Healing and Integration of the Physical Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies

Of her lecture, Marietta says, "the integration of the physical, emotional, and mental experiences into the Spiritual Essence is the goal of many on the path. The Reality of this being experienced on a daily basis and integrated into the happenings in our lives seems to be the 'missing link' that many are searching for."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025gg-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Healing the Emotional Body with Dolphins

1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025cc-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Health and the Ascension Process

The event brochure description states: "Since childhood, Dr. Baroody has experienced out of body travel and lucid dreaming. This lecture includes an organized viewpoint which gives direction to the process of turning the body to light, by showing its links to health and physical reality."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025k-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Hearing the Voice of Creation Instead of the Inner Critic--WORKSHOP

"Robert Luckin is an internationally acclaimed artist who uses a combination of mediums to create sacred mandala art. Here, he talks about his art and how to make your own mandala."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025ss-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Honau Hani--The Heavenly Divine Body

"Dawn holds degrees in Human Development and Nursing. Her current work, and the topic of this lecture focuses on integration of divine and human as one body-mind living in ascended consciousness on Earth, as heaven descends."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025kk-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: How Does Ascension Affect the Physical Body?

"Dr. Fickes, a Chiropracter, uses a wide range of techniques aimed toward awakening the body, and alignment with Soul. Her book, Ascension: Your Guidebook to Physical Transformation and Healing will be published in the fall of 1992." In this lecture, she tells us that "there is a need for healers with a clear understanding the Ascension process and its effects on the body, as we evolve beyond normal function into greater physical perfection."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025yy-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: How to Access All the Dimensions Using Plant Dimensional Essences

Lin, a lymphologist, lectures nationally teaching people how to rejuvenate themselves through knowledge of the lymphatic system. This lecture includes explanation of his belief that you can reach any dimension that your 'I Am Presence' allows.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025w-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Human/Divine Interaction

1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025vv-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: If Your Project of Light Needs Financial Support--WORKSHOP

Victoria says about her workshop, "let a lightworker/attorney show you the specific steps you need to know how to set up and fund your projects."
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A1025tt-92.   $20.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Living Light--the Direct Path to Ascension

Christar and Solea are founders of the Living Light Center of Kona, Hawaii. They "work with the Ascended Masters and other councils of Light to promote the activation of personal and planetary ascension."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025a-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Love Me/Love You

"Katie Novak has channeled Babaji for six years with a focus on guiding others toward their inner vision. Jaial Roper is an Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Sacred Dance Instructor and leads groups 'trance' journeys. Katie and Jaial offer this simple formula to enable us to freely express our heart's desire."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025b-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Magnetizing Miracles

"In this lecture, Judi tells us that "the power to magnetize miracles is in every one of us, and as we change our consciousness and align with the Divine Source, miracles will happen."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025v-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Manifest through Sacred Sex

"Sally is an 'Evacuator of the Self' and has empowered thousands of people to get in touch with their 'Higher Self' during the last 10 years on her radio and TV programs, in workshops and in private consultation. In this lecture she invites us to learn about the most powerful, creative energy on earth and how it can work for you with focus and intention."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025dd-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Miracles, Magic and Movement--WORKSHOP

"In this workshop Dawn leads participants to integrating the Divine Bodies into human expression through creativity, movement, sound, art and love."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025uu-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Mother Earth, the Physical Body and Ascension

"Here, Mark offers techniques and ideas on how to integrate "Ascension Energies" into our daily lives, as presented by Sananda and Madame Pele, Goddess of Hawaiian volcanoes."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025ff-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Of Unicorns and Roses

"Dr. DeVore is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Seattle, WA. Her spiritual development has been through dreams, poetry, music and Hermetic philosophy. This lecture includes visions and dreams of the changes ahead and of the nature of Soul, as told to us in the poems and plays of W.B. Yeats."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025o-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Physical Immortality and Planetary Ascension

"Robert Coon is a mystic and Immortalist from Glastonbury, England. He is an inspirational speaker and is author of Voyage to Avalon, Glastonbury and the Planetary New Jerusalem, Physical Immortality: History, Theory and Techniques." Here, he "shares the history and the techniques of Physical Immortality and presents information on the activation of Earth chakras."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025m-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Pure Passion and the Power of Sensuality

"Sandra is an internationally known hypnotherapist and seminar leader; in her lecture she explores the dynamics of the intimacy of mind-body, the neurology of limitlessness, male/female relationship, genetic rematrixing, ancient initiatic wisdom, and how to live orgasmically as fully conscious players through this time of re-creation."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025bb-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

"Victoria is a lightworker/attorney with an extensive background in successfully forming/operating/advising service-oriented projects and businesses. In this lecture she speaks about funding YOUR project of light by using grants, trusts, and foundations."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025t-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Raising the Vibration of Your Inner Child

"Paul is a former director of the foundation for S.H.A.R.E., and is the co-author, with Nero Asistent, of Why I Survive A.I.D.S. In this lecture he reminds us, "as we let go of the conditioning of our past, and move into the creative freedom of our present moment, we can step into the powerful beings that we are."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025p-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Re-a'n' Into Mastership

"A healer whose purpose is clearing distorted energy storage . Using "the Re-A'N' (Re-At'One'ment - NOW)."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025y-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Rebirthing and Spiritual Purification

"Leonard Orr started the consciousness Energy Breathing (Rebirthing) Movement which has since spread to over 10 million people all around the globe. Leonard's psychology is to unravel all human trauma--birth, infancy and childhood, parental disapproval, school and religious error, the unconscious purification with earth, air, water and fire."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025zz-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Road Map to Ascension

Armstrong is a popular spokesperson for the Ascension movement.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025j-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Spiritual Survival Skills and the Celtic Contribution to Ecology

Gay Luce, Ph.D., is a master teacher, author and facilitator of transformation. She has taught at San Francisco State University with Jean Houston in the Human Capacities Program and Mystery School. In 1985 Dr. Luce founded Nine Gates, offering a deep transformational experience through many traditions and teachers, providing a practical spiritual tool kit for living an in-depth life
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025x-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Telos, the Subterranean City Beneath Mt. Shasta

"Shield and Sharula, two of the founders of the Ascension Celebration, spearhead Telos Enterprises, an organization focused on planetary activations which are related to ascension preparedness and the Melchizedek priesthood." In this lecture, Sharula tells of having been "born and raised in Telos, and shares of the City's culture, lifestyle and temple society structure."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025d-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: The Dolphin/Whale Connection

"Ilizabeth Fortune, M.A., facilitates human interaction with Dolphins/Whales/Nature for the purpose of opening the heart and experiencing the connectedness of all life with all species. In this lecture, through stories and visuals Ilizabeth presents the beauty of opening the heart with dolphins and whales to heal the illusion of separation and accept our multi-dimensional being."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025s-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: The Next Step, channeling of Sananda

"Eric Klein has practiced meditation for 20 years and has been channeling the Ascended Masters since 1985. Christine is also a Channel and an Acupuncturist. In this lecture, Sananda shares His presence and a joyful, inspirational discourse with guidance for Light Workers on the Ascension Path."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025c-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Trisha acts as a medium for the Ascended Masters

Trisha acts as a medium for the Ascended Masters.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025q-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: What Brings Ascension?

"Joanna Cherry, founder of Ascension Mastery International, has been a rebirther, and an ordained minister...." This lecture includes "breaking belief barriers, daring to go beyond, activating your Light Body, rejuvenating, and, most of all, becoming your divine Self..."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025L-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Why Should I Ascend?

"A comprehensive and informative lecture dealing with where did I come from, why am I here, and what am I supposed to do now?"
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025jj-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Windows into the Eternal Now

"In this lecture Joy presents incredible insight into the reuniting of Twin Flames and Soul Mates walking together to be of service to Mother Earth and her children (highlighted with music)."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025mm-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Working With the Ascended Masters-- WORKSHOP

"Dr. Milanovich, author of We, the Arcturians and Sacred Journey to Atlantis receives transmissions from the Ascended Masters and has presented these messages nationally and internationally, including twice to the United Nations. In this workshop instruction focuses on techniques for communicating directly with the Celestial realms and Ascended Masters."
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A1025H-92.   $20.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V423-92.   $35.00   

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Ascension Celebration: You Are the Ascending/Descending Christ

"Sylvia founded the MOTHER MATRIX in Mt. Shasta where the Blessed Ascension Rosary Devotions are held." Her lecture is billed as a "glorious transmission."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025z-92.   $10.00   

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Ascension Celebration: Your Time Is at Hand

"Patricia Diane is President and Co-Founder of the New Age Society of Humanity's Purpose, Inc., a non-profit, educational organization. She is also author of Take Charge of Your Life, The Next Step, and Your Time Is at Hand." This lecture demonstrates Patricia's excitement about the possibilities of the present moment as the fruition of thousands of years' preparation."
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1025n-92.   $10.00   

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