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#5 Information Technologies & Entertainment for Those on the Brink

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5/5/2000 ICE: The Ultimate Disaster

On May 5 in the year 2000 the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be aligned with the Earth and her Moon. On that day the ice buildup at the South Pole will upset the Earth’s axis--sending trillions of tons of ice and water sweeping over the surface of our planet. Not since the days of Noah has Humankind been faced with this ultimate catastrophe. Astonishing Evidence Points to Worldwide Disaster in Our Lifetime! The number of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and freakish climate changes are increasing as we inexorably move closer to 5/5/2000. Bits of vanished civilizations preserved in museums, evidence of entire forests fossilized instantly, and animals quick-frozen and preserved for millennia prove that a sudden, momentous change in the Earth’s surface occurred in the past. An extensive study of the Great Pyramid reveals a mathematical message of warning built into the structure of a similar catastrophe millennia ago. The 3-mile-high ice mass at the South Pole continues to grow more unstable, and in January 2000 a massive solar storm will crash into Earth’s magnetic field.Richard W. Noone has spent the last twenty years researching his theories. He received the Georgia Grand Master’s Award for his discovery of Masonic Influence in Ancient Egypt and his work has been featured on major national media including Oprah, Donahue, CNN, Sightings, and the top-rated TV show Millennium.
1 Publication.   #P266-98.   $16.00   

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A Coyote in the Garden

When An Painter writes about the natural world, the results can startle and enlighten us like a frieze of lightning followed by soft thunder. As Pulitzer Prize winner N. Scott Momaday observes in his Foreward to the volume, An Painter’s training as a professional photographer has proven invaluable to her as a poet. For one thing, the 130 short poems in this volume are intensely visual. For another, each of them produces an epiphany: a shower of light in the mind of its reader. Most of Painter’s favorite subjects emerge from the American Southwest where she lives. They include a variety of birds (especially hawks, turkey vultures, and crows) as well as wild and domestic cats, tortoises, squirrels, rabbits, cockroaches, and, of course, the inimitable coyote who steals her heart.
1 Publication.   #P261-98.   $14.95   

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A Cultural History of TIBET

The civilization of the Tibetan people is disappearing before or very eyes, and apart from a few gentle protests here and there, the rest of the world lets it go without comment and without regret. Many civilizations have declined and disintegrated in the past, but it is rare that one has the opportunity of being an informed witness of such events. This revised edition of the classic work on the rapidly vanishing civilization of Tibet traces the evolution of Tibetan culture from its origins to Tibet’s fall to the Chinese Communists in 1959 and the subsequent relocation of Tibetan culture and many Tibetan people.
1 Publication.   #P325-98.   $20.00   

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A Dickens Glossary for American Readers

Meant for American readers of Charles Dickens, this book contains over 2800 entries. It includes hundreds of quotations and explanations of words and phrases that are not found in any other book on Dickens. In addition to words and phrases whose meanings have changed through time or been lost because of changing technologies, the entries include many Briticisms, explanations for which are never to be found in material published in Britain. Because of the longer quotations and the extended explanations, the book makes for pleasant browsing. It belongs in the library of every American reader of Dickens and in the library of every American school where Dickens is taught. Paperback, 458 pages.
1 Publication.   #P68-96.   $10.00   

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A Magical Universe

“Exploring the cutting edge of human consciousness” the title includes. Interviews by various authors, you will find our Faustin interviewing the Shulgins on page 39, offer insights into the mind expanding/mind boggling future. Timothy Leary, Jaron Lanier, Jerry Garcia, Robin Williams, Jacques Vallee, Terences McKenna, Andrew Weil, Jean Huston to name a few, speak through these pages.
1 Publication.   #P139-96.   $15.95   

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A New Age: Problems & Potential An Interview with Kenneth R. Pelletier

Though few realize it, we live in a new age. We have outgrown the theoretical substructure of modern science and its technological cornucopia. Yet even among scientists there is little grasp of the revolutionary implications of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, the breakdown of the neo-Darwinist paradigm, and recent perceptions of the nature of human consciousness. The edifice of classical determinism still stands, but it is disintegrating before our eyes. In this interview, Kenneth Pelletier, one of the leaders in consciousness research in the United States, talks about the new understanding necessary to cope with the demands of this extraordinary era and take advantage of its manifold promises. Among the subjects discussed by Dr. Pelletier are contemporary doubts about Freud and psychoanalysis, the brain/mind question, and the growth of the astonishing new field of research called psychoimmunology.Kenneth R. Pelletier, author of “Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer”, is assistant clinical professor at the University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco and director of the California Health and Medicine Foundation. His latest book, “Healthy People in Unhealthy Places”, was published in 1984.
1 Publication.   #P216-98.   $3.95   

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ADHD and the Nature of Self-Control

This far-reaching work from renowned scientist-practioner Russell A. Barkley provides a radical shift of perspective on ADHD, arguing that the disorder is fundamentally a developmental problem of self-control, and that a deficit in attention is a secondary, and not universal, characteristic. The volume synthesizes neuropsychological research and theory on the executive functions, illuminating how normally functioning individuals are able to bring behavior under the control of time and orient their actions toward the future. Meticulously applying this model to an examination of the cognitive and social impairments manifested by ADHD, Barkley offers compelling new directions for thinking about and treating this disorder. Russell A. Barkley, PhD, is Director of Psychology and Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. In 1978, he founded the Neuropsychology Service at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Children’s Hospital and served as its until 1985. Since then, he has established the clinics for both child and adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, where he continues to conduct ongoing research. The author of numerous widely acclaimed books and video programs, Dr. Barkley is editor of the newsletter “The ADHD Report”.
1 Publication.   #P265-98.   $40.00   

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Stephen Gaskin:
Amazing Dope Tales

Publication.   #P461-99.   $12.95   

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An Anthropologist on Mars

To these seven paradoxical tales of neurological disorder and creativity, Oliver Sacks bring the profound compassion and ceaseless curiosity that made Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat international bestsellers. He transports us into the uncanny worlds of his subjects, including an artist who loses his ability to see (or even imagine) color; a surgeon who performs delicate operations in spite of the compulsive ties and outbursts of Tourete’s syndrome; and an autistic professor who holds a Ph.D. in animal science but is so bewildered by the complexity of human emotion that she feels “like an anthropologist on Mars.” Through these extraordinary people, Sacks explores what it is to feel, to sense, to remember--to be, ultimately, a coherent self in the world.
1 Publication.   #P255-98.   $13.00   

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Ancient Inventions

We in the twentieth century tend to assume that our era has a monopoly on the inventions of clever machines, labor-saving devices, feats of engineering, and advanced technology. But as the authors of this fascinating and eye-opening book reveal, some of humankind’s most important and most amazing inventions actually date back thousands of years. Historian and archaeologist team Peter James and Nick Thorpe have pooled their expertise in amassing this compendium of human ingenuity through the ages. Together they conclusively prove that our ancestors, however long ago they lived and whatever part of the globe they occupied, were brilliant problem-solvers. Written with the pure joy of discovery, Ancient Inventions reveals that: Medieval Baghdad had an efficient postal service, banks, and a paper mill; the ancient Greek’s used an early form of computer; Plastic surgery was being performed in India by the first century B.C.; the Egyptians knew about effective contraceptives and more. This is a Great Book!
1 Publication.   #P289-98.   $17.50   

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Better Sex Through Chemistry

Ward Dean, M.D., Gerontologist says of this book, "The only medically sound, comprehensive guide to improving your sex life with drugs and nutrients. Anybody who has sex, or hopes to, should own a copy." This book gives detailed information on the new "prosexual" drugs and nutrients. Included are substances that can enhance: sex drive, firmness and duration of erection, vaginal lubrication, skin sensitivity, intensity of orgasm, frequency of orgasm, enjoyment of sex, stamina, length of sex, and even intimacy and emotional connection.
1 Publication.   #P188-94.   $14.95   

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Breaking Through

Breaking Through depicts one man’s experience of this ancient imagery. Piero Tallini, a cinematographer, is irresistibly drawn to the Paleolithic culture of southern Spain. While exploring the rugged hills in search of a suitable location for the film he wants to make, he finds himself establishing contact with the first human beings to know the world through interiority and language. Guided by powerful presences, he enters the primordial orbit of cave-consciousness and experiences what the cave ancestors experienced. Breaking Through is a philosophical novel that bears witness to the drama of reality in a way that transcends both philosophy and fiction.
1 Publication.   #P335-98.   $15.95   

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Casual Day Has Gone Too Far

Who is the maniacal mastermind behind the plot to enforce corporate dress codes? That would be Catbert the evil HR director, one of Dilbert’s corporate nemeses. “It’s simple,” decrees Catbert. “Fridays are casual”, but you can always wear jeans because jeans look good and feel good and you already own several pairs.” Dilbert knows the conflicting feelings of comfort and embarrassment that result from arriving on a Friday dressed in an outfit matching a co-worker’s. Casual Day Has Gone Too Far once again attacks the issues that touch cubicle-dwellers everywhere, and is sure to continue the Dilbert-mania of worker bees and managers alike.
1 Publication.   #P318-98.   $9.95   

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Andrew Weil & Winfried Rosen:
Chocolate or Morphine. Everything you need to know about mind-altering drugs.

Publication.   #P450-83.   $    

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Cosmic Trigger Volume I: Final Secret of the Illuminati

Cosmic Trigger deals with a process of deliberately induced brain change... This is called Initiation or vision quest in many traditional societies and...a dangerous variety of self-psychotherapy in modern terminology. I do not recommend it for everybody... The main thing I learned is that reality is always plural and mutable.
1 Publication.   #P212-98.   $14.95   

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Creative Thinking

In Creative Thinking, John G. Bennett elucidates the conditions necessary for creative insight, emphasizing the pattern of effort and non-effort that is effective. This book is not to be read passively; it involves the reader, inviting us to work with the techniques suggested. Relevant to artists, musicians, and problem-solvers, as well as to anyone who wishes to bring creative force into one’s life, Creative Thinking offers a doorway to one’s own visions of reality, to new solutions to problems, and to a fresh and keener mind. At its core is the secret of how to astonish oneself.
1 Publication.   #P316-98.   $9.95   

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Darwinism, A Time for Funerals. An Interview with Norman Macbeth

Interviewed in Towards magazine in 1982, Norman Macbeth reviews the problems of Darwinism and is frank about the need for realistic reappraisal of Darwinian influence. Yet, feeling “Darwinism is bred into the bone,” he fears there might have to be “a period of ten, fifteen, twenty, even more years of despair” before new ideas will find a good reception. In the course of the conversation, Macbeth reveals why traditional views of Darwinism have long been dated, a situation familiar to almost everyone in the field of evolution, but relatively unknown to the public at large.
1 Publication.   #P221-98.   $2.95   

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Dharma Gaia: Harvest of Essays/Buddhism/Ecology.

A Harvest of Essays in Buddhism and Ecology. The Earth, our Mother, is telling us to behave. All around, signs of nature’s limitations abound. Moreover, the environmental crisis currently underway, involves all of humanity, making national boundaries of secondary importance. If we develop good and considerate qualities within our own minds, our activities will naturally cease to threaten the continued survival of life on Earth.
1 Publication.   #P98-92.   $15.00   

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Dreams That Can Change Your Life

This highly entertaining and practical book offers a deep source of guidance to help you make decisions during times of crisis or critical change. It teaches you to use your dreams as a window onto your hidden needs and unconscious feelings. By using this previously unexplored wisdom you enhance your ability to understand and resolve life’s major challenges. During moments of heightened pressures--leaving home, forming or ending a relationship, facing illness, changing jobs, dealing with accidents and losses--our dreams can offer a rich resource for problem solving.
1 Publication.   #P326-98.   $18.95   

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Drugs and the Brain

We administer drugs to ease pain, to raise or depress the spirit, stimulate or dull the intellect, conjure visions, and restore sanity... Many of us seek the effects of drugs such as aspirin and antidepressants on the regular basis, but have no idea what they do to our brains in order to bring about such dramatic changes in how we feel, and in some cases, how we think. In this compelling account of drug and brain research, Solomon H. Snyder tells us what scientists have discovered so far about the mechanisms by which drugs that treat anxiety and schizophrenia. We learn how this fascinating, sometimes controversial area of research has shed much light on mental disorders and other elusive brain processes we are sill trying to understand.“Snyder had produced a masterly work which explains clearly how drugs affect brain function.” - Nature
1 Publication.   #P252-98.   $19.95   

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Drumming at the Edge of Music (Magic)

1 Publication.   #P102-92.   $19.95   

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Dutch Hashcoffeeshop Tour

Here is the map and now all you hace to do is travel the, fun, fun. At last an alternative place to gather for the secret society of clandestine puffers.
1 Publication.   #P412-99.   $17.95   

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East & West: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

East & West: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science provides a classic overview of probably the most dramatic change to have come in Western civilization in the past three hundred years. With the inexorable shift of scientific paradigm from determinism to uncertainty, modern society is provided with frontiers which, in the past, would have been unimaginable. To understand the ramifications of this phenomenon is not easy; however, such understanding is necessary if the concerned individual is to realize the potential of the 21st century. East & West traces the fundamentals of this phenomenon and deftly reveals the principles and tenets involved. Its message is for layman and professional alike. Its appeal is universal.Stanislav Grof is a psychiatrist and therapist with an extensive background in consciousness research. He is the author of “The Human Encounter with Death”, “LSD Psychotherapy”, “Realms of the Human Unconscious” and numerous scientific and clinical papers. Active in international programs, Dr. Grof also conducts workshops and training seminars at Esalen Institute and other organizations in the United States and abroad.
1 Publication.   #P222-98.   $2.95   

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Echinacea... The Immune Herb!

The favored herb of Native American Indians, European Medical Doctors and American Herbalists to prevent and help heal Colds, Flu, Respiratory Ailments, Urinary Tract Infections and many other infections. This book gives up-to-date, practical information about how to use this remarkable healing plant for everyday health problems. Echinacea is commonly available at natural food stores throughout the country. Easy to grow; makes a beautiful and useful garden plant. Christopher Hobbs is a fourth generation herbalist and botanist with over 20 years experience with herbs.
1 Publication.   #P295-98.   $6.95   

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Einstein’s Dreams

There is a place where time stands still. Raindrops hang motionless in air. Pendulums of clocks float mid-swing... As a traveler approaches this place from any direction, he moves more and more slowly. It is 1905 in Berne, Switzerland. A young patent clerk has been dreaming marvelous deams about the nature of time. He is Albert Einstein and he has almost finished his special theory of relativity. What were his dreams like those last pivotal few months? Here, in this extraordinary and highly acclaimed work by physicist Alan Lightman, thirty fables conjure up as many theoretical realms of time, dreamt in as many nights. In one world time is circular, its people fated to repeat triumph and trial over and over again... in another, men and women try to capture time--which appears as a nightingale--in a bell jar... in yet another, there is no time, only frozen moments. All are visions that gently probe the essence of time, the adventure of creativity, the glory of possibility, and the beauty of... Einstein’s Dreams. Alan Lightman was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1948 and was educated at Princeton and at the California Institute of Technology. He has written for Granta, Harper’s, The New Yorker, and New York Review of Books. His previous books include “Time Travel”, “Papa Joe’s Pipe”, “A Modern-Day Yankee in a Connecticut Court”, “Origins”, “Ancient Light”, “Great Ideas in Physics”, and “Time for the Stars”. He teaches Physics and writing at M.I.T.
1 Publication.   #P273-98.   $8.99   

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Erotic Irony

1 Publication.   #P126-92.   $3.95   

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Evolutionary Mind

Trialogues are a unique form of intellectual performance in which three people, optimally very different, discuss (or debate) a set topic for a fixed period of time. Sheldrake, McKenna and Abraham have been in trialogue as friends since 1982, in public since 1989, and in print together since 1992, in Trialogues at the Edge of the West, available in French, German, Portuguese and Dutch, as well as English. The Evolutionary Mind, Trialogues at the Edge of the Unthinkable is their second set of trialogues to be published, and cover new topics: grassroots sciences, visual math, biography , homing pigeons, the world wide web, psychic pets, fractals, the structure of time, the celestial sphere, the millennium and the holistic vision.
1 Publication.   #P293-98.   $17.00   

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Exo-Psychology A Manual on the use of the Human Nervous System according to the Instructions of the Manufactures.

Life on the Planet Earth, through the instrumentality of the human nervous system, has begun to migrate from the Womb Planet, to establish colonies in space, from whence it can more accessibly contact and communicate with Life in the Galaxy. Rocket ships have attained the escape velocity necessary to ascend beyond the gravitational pull of the womb-planet. Radio-telescope “dishes” now look out to the stars, ready to receive electromagnetic messages from intelligent neighbors. Electronic signals are now transmitting through interstellar space the message of human readiness to exchange and communicate. In our minds, our neurons, in our cells, we know that we, who are about to leave this small satellite of a peripheral star, are neither alone nor unique. Within the lifetime of many who read these lines, it will happen: Our pioneer families will leave the solar system; interstellar messages will be received, contact will be made. The galactic discussion will begin. It is about time to prepare for life in space. It is about time to develop a philosophy, a psychology, the language, the confident wisdom to enable us to listen, understand, and respond intelligently to our interstellar neighbors. The most important and least boring challenge facing humanity is to prepare ourselves neurologically to meet the Einsteinian “relatives” with whom we share the galaxy. The highest priorities--intellectual, social, economic--should be assigned to extraterrestrial communication and migration.
1 Publication.   #P233-98.   $12.95   

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Extraterrestrial Archaeology

Robot mining vehicles that move about the Moon. NASA photographs of pyramids & domed cities on the Moon. The latest on the discovery of water and ice on the Moon, and more...!
1 Publication.   #P533-2000.   $19.95   

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Financial Success/Power of Creative Thought

1 Publication.   #P109-92.   $7.95   

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First Steps An Introduction to Spiritual Practice

Are you unclear about how to walk your spiritual path? Here at last in First Steps we have a helpful and friendly introduction to spiritual practice that makes sense whatever your cultural, intellectual or religious background. William Bloom’s premise is that at the core of all the different spiritual traditions, ancient and modern, there is basic agreement about the nature of spiritual practice. William Bloom’s work integrates the wisdom of the spiritual traditions with a modern approach to personal and social transformation.
1 Publication.   #P314-98.   $4.95   

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Katherine Dunn:
Geek Love

Publication.   #P443-2000.   $    

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Zacharia Stitchin:
Genesis Revisited. Is Modern Science catching up with ancient knowledge ?

1 Publication.   #P456-2000.   $6.00   

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Ghost Sightings : Is there Life after Death?

There are more things in heaven and earth... Ghost stories are as old as the question “What happens when we die? From meetings with dead relatives to visions of Roman soldiers, there are too many stories for ghosts to be dismissed as superstitious nonsense. So what are they? There are stories of animal ghosts, even ghosts of vehicles such as phantom ships and coaches. Could it be that they are recordings of the past, somehow preserved to be played in the present? This remarkable book examines the evidence and the theories. What is the truth behind “poltergeists” or noisy ghosts, spirits that hurl glasses and move furniture? What earned Borley Rectory the title “the most haunted house in England”? Consider for yourself the question “Do the dead live among us?”
1 Publication.   #P218-98.   $9.98   

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Gossips, Gorgons & Crones The Fates of the Earth

Gossips, Gorgons & Crones is the first comprehensive analysis of nuclear-age culture and the accompanying return of female Powers. Based in feminist, pre-patriarchal, and Native American philosophies, this book provides a biting critique of patriarchal practices, myths, and values, including family values. Jane Caputi explores radically new interpretations of the significance of nuclear technology and the relationship of sexual abuse to scientific knowledge. She offers a vision of the future as “female”, one in which patriarchal customs will disappear and a “new world Chaos” will emerge, where everything is equally sacred. Caputi entreats us not to attempt to control nature, but to align ourselves with the true Fates--the goals or purposes--of the Earth. This is a brilliant new work sourced in the author’s research from popular culture.
1 Publication.   #P309-98.   $12.95   

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Grandmother of Time

1 Publication.   #P59-90.   $13.95   

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Growing Wild Mushrooms

Growing Wild Mushrooms continues to be the most complete beginner’s guide to growing mushrooms in print. Step-by-step instructions, with drawings and photographs (16 in full color), introduce the novice to the full range of growing methods: from sterile culture procedures (the basis of all tissue culture cloning techniques to indoor bottle gardens to indoor/outdoor compost gardens. This newly revised edition includes an expanded compost section on producing small quantities of precisely mixed compost indoors and an updated taxonomy of selected psilocybin-containing mushrooms.
1 Publication.   #P235-98.   $12.95   

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Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas

When the stock market crashes on the Thursday before Easter, you--an ambitious, although ineffectual and not entirely ethical young broker--are convinced you’re facing the Weekend from Hell. Before the market reopens on Monday, you’re going to have to scramble and scheme to cover your butt, but there’s no way you can anticipate the baffling disappearance of a 300-pound psychic, the fall from grace of a born-again monkey, or the intrusion in your life of a tattooed stranger intent on blowing your mind and most of your fuses. Over these fateful three days, you will be forced to confront everything from mysterious African rituals to legendary amphibians, from tarot-card bombshells to street violence, from your own sexuality to outer space. This is, after all, a Tom Robbins novel--and the author has never been in finer form.
1 Publication.   #P258-98.   $10.95   

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Julie Motz:
Hands of Life. From The Operating Room To Your Home, An Energy Healer Reveals The Secrets Of Using Your Body’s Own Energy Medicine For Healing, Recovery, And Transformation.

1 Publication.   #P464-98.   $24.95   

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Hemp & the Marijuana Conspiracy: THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES

The authoritative historical record of the Cannabis plant, marijuana prohibition, and how hemp can still save the world. Pay attention and pay for the book and help Jack do his work.
1 Publication.   #P143-94.   $19.95   

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Hidden Journey

At the age of 25, Andrew Harvey abandoned a brilliant career at Oxford to return to his native India. A rationalist atheist, he raised every possible argument against the existence of another reality and watched each dissolve in the face of extraordinary mystical experiences following his unexpected encounter with Mother Meera, an eighteen-year old Indian woman, the embodiment of the Divine Mother. Hidden Journey, the meticulous account of Harvey’s struggle and transformation, is destined to be a classic of spiritual autobiography.
1 Publication.   #P297-98.   $10.00   

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Hidden San Francisco &Northern California

1 Publication.   #P451-2000.   $17.95   

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Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins

This book provides humankind with a new awareness that encapsulates and integrates many of the universal teachings for many people of all walks of life, from many dimensions of Truth! Read the contents and have this amazing perception begin to alter you DNA! Arthur and Lynette Horn present their hypotheses on all life form’s extraterrestrial or interplanetary connectedness, which they feel deeply concerns people of the Earth who want to continue to consciously expand and to evolve spiritually as a whole specie. Credibly researched and well-documented information on human evolution. A must read for all who are interested in learning about our extraterrestrial origins, which Dr. Horn’s book offers to all readers; targeting both scientists and the critical masses.
1 Publication.   #P294-98.   $22.00   

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Icelandic Music Ancient and Punk

Ancient pagan traditions collide with the nihilistic Rock 'n' Roll of the '80's: Icelandic epic songs predate 13th century European Catholic music mandates allowing residual pagan tradition to share the same century with Iceland's first Rock 'n' Roll revolution. Essays document the vanishing of the folk music tradition in a period of dramatic social, economic and political changes. The artistically rendered small edition will be interesting to those who want to study the factors of endangered folk traditions.
1 Publication.   #P130-92.   $7.00   

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Diane Wolkenstein and Samuel Noah Kramer:
Inanna. Queen of Heaven and Earth. Her stories and Hymns from Sumer.

1 Publication.   #P457-2000.   $14.00   

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Info-Psychology A Manual on the use of the Human Nervous System according to the Instructions of the Manufacturers

The Info-Worlds which our species will discover, create, explore and inhabit in the immediate future are not to be reached from Canaveral launching pads alone, but throughout computer personal screens. To explain these new ripples my current publisher/editors Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt and Nicholas Tharcher have allowed me to rewrite the first 16 pages of this revised edition. This new beginning permitted me to start shifting the emphasis from “EXO’ to “INFO”. From Space Habitats to Information Habitats.
1 Publication.   #P234-98.   $12.95   

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Ph.D. Siegel's research shows the pursuit of intoxication is inevitable, and dramatically reveals that people can be taught to use powerful drugs safely and nonaddictively. Siegel believes we must, as a society, commit to the discovery and manufacture of completely safe non-addictive intoxicants, such as those found in nature. Examples are numerous of animals that use drugs naturally and somehow never develop devastating addictions their human cousins seem prone to. A must for everyone.
1 Publication.   #P117-92.   $19.95   

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It’s Obvious You Won’t Survive By Your Wits Alone: A Dilbert Book

Dilbert is the Everyman in the down-sized, techno-centered workplace of the nineties. He’s the corporately innocent engineer who experiences the absurdities and oddities of office life from his (sometimes shrinking) cubicle. Complemented by his sarcastic and power-hungry dog, Dobgert (aspiring Supreme Ruler of the Earth whose secret to happiness is “High expectations and your own bag of chips”), Dilbert provides humor on one of life’s most insidious subjects: work. It’s Obvious You Won’t Survive by Your Wits Alone features nearly two years of Dilbert comic strips (including color Sunday cartoons!) that have never appeared in book form. Dilbert, created by Scott Adams, appears in more than 550 newspapers worldwide and is the Internet’s number one comic strip. “The Dilbert Zone” is featured on United Media’s World Wide Web site, which generates more than three million hits every week.
1 Publication.   #P203-98.   $12.95   

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Jung On Alchemy

The ancient practice of alchemy, which thrived in Europe especially during the Renaissance, dealt with the phenomenon of transformation--not only of materials (ore into gold) but also of the human spirit (self into Other). Through their work in the material realm, alchemists discovered personal rebirth as well as linking between outer and inner dimensions. Nathan Schwartz-Salant is a Jungian analyst in private practice.
1 Publication.   #P328-98.   $13.00   

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Karakoram Highway the high road to China

John King grew up in the United States (last known address, San Francisco). In 1984 he quit his job and left for Asia and has been unable to settle down ever since. He has spent thirteen months in China at various times-as an English teacher (at the Chinese Academy of Science in Chengdu), photographer, and traveller - and five months in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. In past incarnations he has been a college physics teacher, an environmental consultant and a newspaper proofreader. He now splits his time among Hong Kong, England, and the United States as a freelance writer and photographer. “The Most thoroughly researched practical guide available.” - The Bookseller.
1 Publication.   #P280-98.   $11.95   

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Kids Called Crazy

When Ron Jones when to teach summer school at the teen ward of a mental hospital, he had no idea what he was getting into. This was a first. Five kids called “disadvantaged” were being paid to go to school with five kids called “crazy”. The summer brought roller skates and broken glass, a spaceship filled with surprises, unforgettable lessons in love and friendship, a bitterly tragic suicide--and a new understanding of kids called crazy. “Like a children’s version of ‘One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, it is alternately tragic, moving and funny.” - Publishers Weekly
1 Publication.   #P286-98.   $5.95   

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KOMBUCHA How to and What it’s All About

You have heard the claims that drinking Kombucha can help arthritis, retard wrinkles and grey hair, increase energy, detoxify the body, help skin conditions (such as psoriasis), and stimulate the immune system. Here is the first definitive book written in the U.S. on the subject including up-to-date information never before published on its properties and possible effects. Included are: How to know if drinking the tea is right for you; How to brew a successful batch every time; The facts about contamination and how to recognize and avoid it; What’s in the tea and how these ingredients affect the body; and No testimonials--just the facts!
1 Publication.   #P260-98.   $12.95   

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Crystal clear in the bottle, potent emerald green in the glass, and 144 proof--Absinthe is as illicit as it is intoxicating. It’s also among history’s most notorious liquors--romanticized and maligned in equal measure. Here for the first time is an illustrated exploration of absinthe’s legendary allure. Sipped by Oscar Wilde, Baudelaire, van Gogh, Manet. Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, and many others prominent artists and writers, absinthe was first used in ancient Greece for its healing powers. In the nineteenth-century France, it became a symbol of decadence and soon a scapegoat for the social and political ills of the period, leading to its ultimate prohibition. From wild stories about its celebrated users to compelling insights into its influence on art, this lavishly illustrated book features over 60 color and 100 black-and-white reproductions of paintings and other absinthe-related art, including posters for and against the controversial spirit. For all those interested in art, literature, liquor, or decadence, Absinthe is history in a bottle.
1 Publication.   #P254-98.   $19.95   

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Lord of Four Quarters

1 Publication.   #P82-92.   $12.95   

top ^
Love in the Time of Cholera

Gorgeous writing of a mature artist.
1 Publication.   #P85-92.   $9.95   

top ^
Carolyn Kleefeld:
Lovers in Evolution

Publication.   #P447-83.   $    

top ^
Loving a Woman in Two Worlds

1 Publication.   #P99-92.   $10.00   

top ^
Macrocosm USA... Possibilities for a New Progressive Era...

The Macrocosm USA handbook is an interdisciplinary text containing more than 200 articles and over 5000 listings of progressive organizations, periodicals, media outlets, businesses, publishers and reference designed for all people and all seasons--Macrocosm USA attempts to broaden and galvanize a new agenda from seemingly disparate issues into one comprehensible whole, a macrocosmic context not readily available from the local newsstand. Macrocosm USA seeks to revolutionize research, journalism, networking, grassroots activism, career choice, politics, and, foremost, the way in which we teach the social sciences. Not only does it concisely identify today’s most critical problems, but it also suggests hundreds of solutions from some of the greatest thinkers of our time. You may not agree with all that is contained within, but you are guaranteed to be stirred to action. Urgent, timely, and visionary!
1 Publication.   #P313-98.   $24.95   

top ^
Malcolm X Talks to Young People

1 Publication.   #P76-92.   $9.95   

top ^
Marihuana Reconsidered

Marijuana Reconsidered first published in 1971 and updated in 1977 was a Harvard University Press best seller much praised by reviewers. Noted psychiatrist Dr. Lester Grinspoon methodically reviews the scientific, medical, and popular literature on the effects of marijuana. Today, as the issue of legalizing marijuana for medical use is being reconsidered, this book continues to offer what has been widely acclaimed as the most comprehensive assessment of marijuana. Today, as the issue of legalizing marijuana for medical use is being reconsidered, this book continues to offer what has been widely acclaimed as the most comprehensive assessment of marijuana and its place in society.Lester Grinspoon, M.D. teaches at Harvard Medical School. He has published more than 140 articles and has written or edited eleven other books. He has been studying cannabis since 1967 and is considered one of the foremost authorities on marijuana.
1 Publication.   #P238-98.   $19.95   

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Marijuana Chemistry Genetics, Processing & Potency

Marijuana Chemistry explains the psychoactive constituents of cannabis, and the effect of growth conditions, harvesting and processing, and method of ingestion on potency. This new edition of the widely respected classic features 64 pages of updates based on current research and black market studies. A comprehensive resource, Marijuana Chemistry covers such topics as marijuana constituents and their effects, variations in THC and CBD content, growth conditions and potency, variation in content of noncannabinoids, harvesting and preparation of marijuana and hashish, extraction of THC and preparation of hash oil, isomerization, testing for THC and CBD content and much more. Included are 24 photographs; many drawings, charts, and diagrams; as well as numerous tables, a glossary and bibliography.
1 Publication.   #P240-98.   $22.95   

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MARIJUANA... The Cultivator’s Handbook

Bill Drake’s classic bestselling Cultivator’s Handbook of Marijuana now totally revised and expanded containing the most up-to-date information on the art and process of growing the finest marijuana for both the outdoor and indoor cultivator. Contains a new section on the cultivation of psychoactive tobacco and over 100 photographs, drawings, charts and maps. “The Best book on the subject” - Whole Earth Catalog
1 Publication.   #P253-98.   $24.95   

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Mars... The Living Planet

This highly readable “science story” examine the evidence for and against life on Mars today--specifically, microbial life, as sought by the biology experiments of the 1976 Viking Mission to Mars. The announcement by NASA of the discovery of possible fossilized bacteria in a Martian meteorite put the issue back on the front pages of international newspapers in August 1996. The arrival of the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft in 1997 and return of new images to Earth will raise the perennial question once again: Is there life on other worlds?
1 Publication.   #P306-98.   $25.00   

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Masks of the Illuminati

One fateful evening in a suitably dark, beer-soaked Swiss rathskeller, a wild and obscure Irishman named James Joyce would become the drinking partner of an unknown physics professor called Albert Einstein. And on that momentous night, Sir John Babcock, a terror-stricken young Englishman, would rush through the tavern door bringing a mystery that the two most brilliant minds of the century could solve...or perhaps bringing only a figment of his imagination born of the paranoia of our times. An outrageous raunchy ride through the twists and turns of mind and space, “Masks of the Illuminati” runs amok with all our fondest conspiracy theories to show us the truth behind the laughter... and the laughter in the truth.
1 Publication.   #P211-98.   $16.95   

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Breakthrough Discoveries That Can Help You: Combat aging; Boost Your Immune System; Reduce your risk of Cancer and Heart Disease and get a better nights sleep. This nationally acclaimed book reveals cutting-edge research on melatonin--a natural hormone and antioxidant that helps determine how well we sleep, how fast we age, and how effectively we fight off disease and toxins. It provides vital information on how to protect and enhance your body’s natural production of this life-giving hormone, and how best to benefit from taking melatonin supplements. You’ll learn how melatonin enhances sleep as effectively as prescription drugs--without side effects. Has the potential to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and may help prevent heart disease, some cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and cataracts. It may improve existing treatments for cancer and AIDS. Reduces the symptoms of jet lag. Protects against radiation from x-rays. May reduce the free radical damage that underlies aging and more. Plus the most complete guide available anywhere to nonprescription melatonin supplements, including whether you should take melatonin, what dosages are safe, exactly when and how to take the, what issues to discuss with your doctor, and answers to the most often asked questions.
1 Publication.   #P257-98.   $6.99   

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Theodore Gachot & Leah Demchick:
Mermaids. Nymphs of the Sea.

An Art Book
Publication.   #P452-96.   $70.00   

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Metaman-- The Merging of Humans and Machines into a Global Superoganism

In this visionary book, Gregory Stock gives us a new way of understanding our world and our future. He develops the provocative thesis that human society has become an immense living being---a global superorganism in which we humans, knitted together by our modern technology and communication, are like the cells in an animal’s body. Drawing on impressive research, Stock shows this newly formed superorganism to be more than metaphor; it is an actual living creature, which he has named, “Metaman,” meaning “beyond and transcending humans”.
1 Publication.   #P320-98.   $24.00   

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Mother Meera ANSWERS

Mother Meera was born in 1960 in a village in South India. She soon showed herself to be an unusual child: by the age of three she would report “going to various lights.” The state of samadhi was constant for her. Under the auspices of her uncle Mr. Reddy, she lived for some time at the Aurobindo ashram where her extraordinary presence attracted considerable attention. She now lives in Germany where thousands of devotees from all over the world come to receive her darshan, her silent bestowal of grace and light. A radically direct new path to the Divine, a path that uses the transformative power of Divine LIght itself, is presented here by Mother Meera, one of several Incarnations of the Divine Mother on Earth today. Because the world is in crisis, Mother Meera, one of the most widely respected of these Avatars, offers this powerful new path. Working harmonically with any other way to the Divine, this path is one in which the Light itself works to effect the transformation and to change us, gently and protectively, from within.
1 Publication.   #P267-98.   $9.95   

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Neruda and Vallejo Selected Poems Edited by Robert Bly

Among the finest poets of the century, certainly among the most important ever to have written in the Spanish language, Pablo Neruda and Cesar Vallejo are presented here in a notable bilingual selection from their work. These are the “grave and beautiful poems” of Vallejo which Robert Mazzocco has discussed in The New York Review of Books. And the selections from Neruda’s writing are, according to Richard Howard in Poetry, “the best translations of Neruda we have, the closest to something that is not a translation at all, simply magnificent poetry.” Robert Bly, poet, editor, and translator, received the National Book Award for poetry in 1968.
1 Publication.   #P315-98.   $5.95   

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Timothy Leary, Ph.D has been a world-renowned psychologist, a defrocked Harvard professor, a relentless champion of brain change, a reputed drug guru, a stand-up philosopher, and a prisoner of the Nixon administration. He has been called, “the most dangerous man on the planet”. While in prison, at times in solitary confinement, he wrote the first version of this book. (“I must confess that at that time I was alienated, a bit daft and given to occasional fits of irritation. So color the first version of this book indigo--as in Jail House Blues.”) Now revised and updated, Neuropolitique presents some of Dr. Leary’s best ideas, his reflections on the past and his hope for the future. Robert Anton Wilson and George Koopman are also included in this publication.
1 Publication.   #P230-98.   $12.95   

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New Horizons... Explorations in Science with a foreward by Colin Wilson.

Explore the outer reaches of science with one of the greatest thinkers of our age. In these essays P.D. Ouspensky explains the necessity of thinking about the world in six dimensions--three dimensions of space, and three dimensions of time. He also delves into the unseen world of the fourth dimension of perception, experiements in altering his own state of consciousness, and introduces a radical method for studying one’s own dreams. When you enter the world of New Horizons, life will never look quite the same again. “Amazing and sigularly enticing. A great achievement, a work of genius which will be one of the foundations for that future philosophy which will more accurately interpret the nature of man.” - Saturday Review “The book is a sort of compendium upon a variety of subjects vaaguely floating about in the minds of most intelligent people. Interesting, illuminative and suggestive.” - The New York Times Book Review
1 Publication.   #P262-98.   $14.95   

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Not in Our Backyard: The People and Events That Shaped America's Modern Environmental Movement

A great book, used as a text in many history of ecology programs across the nation. Powerful and funny. The associated interview is available as A872-94, and appears in Magical Blend magazine, Fall 1994.
1 Publication.   #P10-94.   $19.99   

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One Hundred Years of Solitude

The exuberant classic--to be passed down through generations.
1 Publication.   #P86-92.   $5.95   

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One River... Explorations and Discoveries in the Amazon Rain Forest

In 1941, Professor Richard Evans Schultes took a leave from Harvard and disappeared into the Amazon, where he spend the next twelve years mapping uncharted rivers and living among dozens of Indian tribes. In the 1970’s, he sent two prize students, Tim Plowman and Wade Davis, to follow in his footsteps and unveil the botanical secrets of coca, the notorious source of cocaine, a sacred plant known to the Inca as the Divine Leaf of Immortality. A stunning account of adventure and discovery, betrayal and destruction, One River is a story of two generations of explorers drawn together by the transcendent knowledge of Indian peoples, the visionary realms of the shaman, and the extraordinary plants that sustain all life in a forest that once stood immense and inviolable. The paperback version in $16.00 and hardcover version is $27.50.
1 Publication.   #P308-98.   $16.00   

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Powers & Prospects

1 Publication.   #P92-96.   $16.00   

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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Study of Shamanism & Alternate Modes of Healing

On Saturday, August 30, 1986, one hundred and twenty anthropologists, artists and art historians, educators, ethnologists, historians of religion, musicians, philosophers, physicians, physicists, psychologists psychotherapists, and practitioners representing various branches of the healing profession came to the Third International Conference on the Study of Shamanism and Alternate Modes of Healing at the St. Sabina Center, San Rafael, California to compare notes and try to find common denominators. For three days, they discussed techniques and methods from a variety of traditions, but, most of all, they looked at the viability of traditional elements as well as the developments in Western science and attempted to integrate the different concepts of healing.
1 Publication.   #P290-86.   $34.95   

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Reimagination of the World

“New Age” is a term often used as a way of talking about the future—as a vision of a new world still to be born. David Spangler and William Irwin Thompson believe that for this reason alone the entire twentieth century deserves to be called the “New Age”. In Reimagination of the World, they dialogue on the New Age movement, the popular culture of the 1970’s and 1980’s, ecological concerns, and the evolution of human scientific intelligence. With wit and insight, they offer a unique perspective on a period of rapid change in consciousness and planetary responsibility, as well as a vision of new artists, new scientists, and emerging communities.William Irwin Thompson is a cultural historian, director of the Lindisfarne Association, and the author of many books, including “The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light” and “At the Edge of History”, which was nominated for a National Book Award. David Spangler was formerly codirector of the Findhorn Foundation; he is a Lindisfarne Fellow and the author of “Revelation: Birth of a New Age“ and “Emergence: The Rebirth of the Sacred” .
1 Publication.   #P208-98.   $12.95   

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Rekindling the Spirit in Work

The purpose of this book is to light the fire of spirit in work. When we discover our true Self, our Essence, we can identify with who we really are. Work then becomes the natural expression of our Essence and a joyful experience. Many of us have never known what it means to work with spirit. We commonly believe that work is an unrewarding obligation that we must accept in order to earn our living. Rekindling the Spirit in Work opens us to new approaches to gaining information about work through coming to understand the meaning of signs and symbols in our daily lives.
1 Publication.   #P329-98.   $11.95   

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Sacred Mirrors

1 Publication.   #P88-92.   $24.95   

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Sacred Architecture

For much of our history all architecture-not only religious monuments and buildings-created the physical context of the sacred. Sacred Architecture is a re-discovery of our collective heritage, showing us how to understand the symbols of change provided by the buildings and monuments of our ancestor. The language of the sacred can be seen in buildings as diverse as the Parthenon, Hopi initiation lodges, Stonehenge, the Temple at Luxor, the cathedrals and the Palladian memory theatre, in which astronomical, mythical, geometric and structural patterns have been incorporated. A.T. Mann explains how such sacred images are not merely stylistic ornaments, but also depict cosmic principles which still have relevance in architecture today. From the early astrological and mythical influences which determined the location, form and function of early monuments, the book travels through history up to the present time, showing how the reflection of the images of earth and heaven in architecture has all but disappeared.
1 Publication.   #P269-98.   $19.95   

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Carolyn Kleefeld:
Satan Sleeps With The Holy. Words and Paintings.

Publication.   #P446-82.   $    

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Sex Drugs and Aphrodisiacs

Sex Drugs and Aphrodisiacs is the essential connoisseur’s guide to herbs and potions traditionally associated with enhanced sensual pleasure. Throughout history men and women have sought to increase their sexual pleasure have sought to increase their sexual pleasure through the use of a variety of substances. Sex Drugs and Aphrodisiacs chronicles the results of this eternal quest.Includes discussions of: yohimbe, fugu, absinthe, yage and other exotic specialties; and includes a comprehensive history of sources, preparations, uses and effects. Finally this hard to obtain cult classic is once again available. Revised and updated.
1 Publication.   #P242-98.   $9.95   

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Smart Drugs II... The Next Generation

Enhance Your Quality of Life! Smart Drugs II, the second book in the smart drug series, is a practical guide to improving your mental performance with newly-researched, test-proven pharmaceuticals and nutrients. Contains all new information on the latest smart drugs, fascinating personal accounts from smart drug users all over the world, plus an extensive Question & Answer section. Enhance your clarity of mind and sensory awareness. Increase your sexual enjoyment. Enhance school and job performance. Learn the latest treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Increase your energy and alertness. Increase your IQ by 10 points or more. Improve your problem-solving abilities. Improve your memory by as much as 40%. Slow down the aging process itself.
1 Publication.   #P249-98.   $14.95   

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Smart Ways to Stay Young and Healthy

Smart Ways to Stay Young & Healthy is fun to read--filled with anecdotes, exercises and recommended reading. Useful for individuals, employers, and health care providers, it gives “good sense” advice on how to stay mentally and physically healthy. Smart Ways to Stay Young and Healthy discusses aerobics, power naps, back care, nutrition, immunizations, the Heimlich manuever cholesterol, finding a good doctor, breast exams, first aid, accidents, safe sex, substance abuse, smoking stress, cancer, strokes, friendships, hobbies, meditation, affirmation, visualization, loving your work and much more.
1 Publication.   #P302-98.   $5.95   

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Smoke and Mirrors...The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure

For the sheer government absurdity, America’s war on drugs is hard to beat. After three decades of increasingly punitive policies, illicit drugs are more easily available, drug potencies are greater, and drug barons are richer than ever. The war on drugs costs Washington more than the Commerce, Interior, and State departments combined--and a strangled court system, exploding prisons, and wasted lives push the cost beyond measure. Even as the citizens of California and Arizona attempt to embrace more rational drug policies, the federal government fights on. Dan Baum’s acclaimed expose shows how the federal government’s war on drugs evolved from a politically potent campaign ploy (courtesy of Richard Nixon) to today’s multibillion dollar boondoggle--a “war” that’s run roughshod over constitutional rights and put one out of four young black men behind bars without so much as a denting the demand for drugs.
1 Publication.   #P317-98.   $13.95   

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Sound Choice, Issue #17

Insightful reviews and overviews, investigative reporting, keep up to date on the music networking scene with this eclectic magazine.
1 Publication.   #P64-90.   $3.00   

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Sphinx... A Journal for Archetypal Psychology and the Arts. Sphinx is a fin-de-siecle annual for the turn of the Millennium. It proposes an alchemical and poetic, rather that cynical and linear, language when speaking of psyche - an imaginative language which will do justice to the subtleties and enigmas of psychological life. SPHINX is a journal in service of the return of the soul to the world and the world to soul. Features James Hillman on Cosmology for Soul; David Miller, Thomas Moore, Ginette Paris on Dionysos; Nor Hall on the Maenads; Noel Cobb on Federico Garcia Lorca; Nicholas Belfrage on the Soul of Wine; David Maclagan on Antonin Artaud; Alfred Zigler on Europe’s Sick God; Enrique Pardo and Paul Kugler on the Alchemical Theatre; Poetry by Peter Bishop, Robert Bly, Jules Cashford, Noel Cobb and Jeremy Reed; New translations of Rumi, Lorca, Trakl and Baudelaire.
1 Publication.   #P323-98.   $15.00   

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Quick American:
Stir Crazy. Cooking With Cannabis.

Publication.   #P462-99.   $9.95   

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Storming Heaven: LSD in America

1 Publication.   #P19-87.   $9.95   

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Strange Pilgrims

The twelve stories in this shimmering new collection from the author of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and “Love in the Time of Cholera” feature Latin American characters adrift in Europe. A bereaved father comes to Rome for an audience with the Pope, carrying a box the shape and size of a cello case. An aging streetwalker waits for death in a Barcelona apartment with a dog she has trained to weep at her grave. A panic-stricken husband takes his wife to a Parisian hospital for the treatment of a cut finger and never sees her again. Combining terror and nostalgia, surreal comedy and the poetry of the commonplace, Strange Pilgrims is a triumph of narrative sorcery by one of our foremost magicians of the written word. “Full of strange relish at life’s oddness...Garcia Marquez’s sheer ability to hold and enthrall...makes Strange Pilgrims fascinating and memorable.”Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a Nobel Prize winning author.
1 Publication.   #P270-98.   $10.95   
1 Publication.   #P448-2000.   $    

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Strange Vanishings Unexplained Disappearances

“We don’t know which way is west. Everything is wrong...strange...We can’t be sure of any direction... Even the ocean doesn’t look as it should...” Flight 19--five Avenger torpedo bombers-- was lost over the infamous Bermuda Triangle on the evening of December 5, 1945. Before radio contact failed, the pilots reported that they were running out of fuel because they could not find their way home; their compasses had gone wild and, despite supposedly clear weather in their area, they could not see the setting sun. What happened to them? Likewise, what happened to the three lighthouse keepers who vanished from the Scottish isle of Eilean Mor in 1900? In 1872, the ship Marie Celeste was found sailing without her crew--why and where did they go? Why did Victor Grayson, one of the most charismatic British politicians of the twentieth century, just disappeared, never to be seen again? This fascinating book looks at these and many other cases of strange vanishings.
1 Publication.   #P219-98.   $5.95   

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Here is a wealth of quotations-witty, humorous, insightful, touching-ideal for gift giving, personal reflection, bedside reading, or anytime one wants to get in touch with the beauty and wisdom of the human spirit. The authors include actors, gurus, philosophers, rock stars, film directors, baseball players, poets, sages from fifth-century China, the celebrated and the unknown--all of us, in a sense.“I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth; and truth rewarded me.” - Simone de Beauvoir“I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.” - Henry Miller“The next message you need is always right where you are.” - Ram Dass
1 Publication.   #P271-98.   $12.95   

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Tales of the Dervishes

Dervish tales are more than fable, legend, or folklore. For centuries dervish masters have instructed their disciples by means of these teaching stories , which are said to increase perception and knowledge and provide a better understanding of man and the world. In wit, construction, and piquancy, they compare with the finest tales of any culture. Idries Shah spent many years traveling through three continents to collect and compare oral versions of these remarkable stories drawn from the repertoires of dervish masters over a period of more than a thousand years.
1 Publication.   #P80-92.   $10.00   

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Tamalpais Trails

The only complete description of all 160 trails and fire roads on Mt. Tamalpais. Includes directions, distances, elevations, history, and more. New, easy to follow maps. 39 suggested loop trips. Chapters on Tam’s wildflowers, shrubs, trees, mammals, birds, rocks, creeks, lakes, and weather. The ultimate guide for hikers, runners, bicyclists, equestrians, naturalists, and all others interested in the Bay Area’s favorite mountain.
1 Publication.   #P322-98.   $16.95   

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Technology of the Gods; The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients.

Technology of the Gods lays out the mind-bending evidence that long-lost civilizations had exceeded our “modern” level of advancement. Westerners have been taught that humankind has progressed along a straight-line path from the primitive past to the proficient present, but the hard, fast evidence proves that the ancients had technologies we cannot even replicate today.
1 Publication.   #P531-2000.   $16.95   

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Carolyn Mary Kleefeld:
The Alchemy of Possibilty. Reinventing your Oersonal Mythology.

1 Publication.   #P458-2000.   $24.95   

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The Alphabet vs. The Goddess: The Conflict Between Word & Image

“Leonard Shlain may himself be the quintessential fusion of word and image. With superb writing, he draws for us a fascinating account of the evolution of our male and female ways of knowing, of the curses--not just the blewssings--of reverence for the word alone. As a history and science lesson, this book is a vivid, breathtaking page-turner. As a threshold to a new perception of our history and our future, it offers both chilling reminders and great hope. Yes, great hope.” ---from the book jacket by CLARRISSA PINKOLA ESTES, Ph.D., author of Woman who Run With Wolves and others.
1 Publication.   #P194-98.   $24.95   

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The Ancient Mystery Religions

Professor Ulansey shows how he was able to discover the central secret of the Mithraic Mysteries, revealing that the Mithraic cult was based on far-reaching cosmological and astrological speculations. Fun to learn that astronomy and astrology were one and the same a while ago.
1 Publication.   #P118-91.   $7.95   

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The Beauty Myth

“The Beauty myth and the controversy it is eliciting could be a hopeful sign of a new surge of feminist consciousness.” - Betty Friedan, Allure. “Powerful...No other work has... so honestly depicted the confusion of accomplished women who feel emotionally and physically tortured by the need to look like movie stars.” - New York Times “An eloquent, unsparing account of how affluent Western women have escaped from one form of enslavement only to fall into another--the increasingly insidious ‘beauty myth’...Wolf effectively documents how definitions of beauty undermine women in their professions, how the culture alienates women from their own bodies and sexuality, and how little choice women really have about obsessions with appearance.” - San Francisco Chronicle.
1 Publication.   #P332-98.   $11.00   

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The Book

1 Publication.   #P110-92.   $8.00   

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The Caravan

1 Publication.   #P321-98.   $7.50   

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The Cloud of Unknowing

Originally written in Middle English by an unknown mystic of the fourteenth century, The Cloud of Unknowing” represents the first expression in our own tongue of the soul’s quest for God. A literary work of great beauty in both style and message, it offers a practical guide to the path of contemplation. The author explains how all thoughts and concepts must be buried beneath a “cloud of forgetting,” while our love must rise toward God hidden in the “cloud of unknowing”. William Johnston--an authority on fourteenth-century spirituality and on the writings of this unknown author--provides a substantive and accessible introduction detailing what is known about the history of this text and its relevance throughout the ages. In a new foreword, Huston Smith shows The Cloud of Unknowing as a highly relevant text for today’s spirituality, containing essential elements from the varieties of religious experience.
1 Publication.   #P287-98.   $8.00   

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Buddhism

Very popular and very disarming, as it should be.
1 Publication.   #P540-2001.   $18.95   

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The Elements of Typo-Graphic Style

Robert Bringhurst is one of Canada’s most highly regarded typographers and book designers, as well as one of its most respected and best-known poets. He has taught literature, art history and typographic history at several universities and held fellowships from the Canada Council and the Guggenheim Foundation. The National Library of Canada maintains a complete collection of his typographic design work as well as a complete collection of his writings.
1 Publication.   #P205-98.   $19.95   

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The End of Patriarchy and the Dawning of a Tri-une Society

Pioneer transpersonal psychologist Claudio Naranjo challenges the basis of the patriarchal order and illuminates how it has affected our world and our lives. With unique insight, Dr. Naranjo moves the reader toward a fuller way of being that integrates the paternal, maternal, and childlike aspects of the person and of society. “The End of Patriarchy” brings a different, clear voice to us in the 1990’s. Through Dr. Naranjo’s interrelational viewpoint we are challenged to see life in the round rather than in fragments.” - Lucia H. Bravo, President, U.S. Association for the Club of Rome. “I think Dr. Naranjo’s diagnosis of the world macroproblem as being essentially the problem of the patriarchal order is right on target. I like his description of the ‘neo -shaman’. He has given an extraordinarily clear explanation of he Quandrinity Process.” - Dr. Willis Harman, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
1 Publication.   #P268-98.   $14.95   

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Claudio Naranjo:
The End of Patriarchy and the Dawning of a Tri-une Society.

Publication.   #P449-2000.   $    

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The Evolution of Consciousness

1 Publication.   #P106-92.   $25.00   

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The Experiment is Over

Planet Earth is about to be upgraded. It is time to awaken to who you are, and where you came from. Paul Lowe is a very extraordinary being. He has spent his whole life on a quest to find out who he is, from where he came, and what everything is all about. He has attained this realization, and is now available to share this fulfillment with those who are also seeking to awaken to their own full potential. His journey has taken him through a myriad of paths in many parts of the earth, and has included spending thirteen years in spiritual ashrams in India, and other parts of the world. He has worked throughout the planet leading workshops and training courses with groups of up to five thousand people. In 1970 he helped to found the Association of Humanistic Psychology in England, and established Quaesitor which became the world’s second largest Growth Center. In 1985 he created the International Academy of Meditation in Italy. He is now in touch with higher dimensions of reality and has a understanding of the finite purpose of human life on earth. He delights in sharing his experience and understanding, and his loving vibration is a catalyst and an encouragement for people to awaken to their own inner light and richness-in the dignity of their own individuality.
1 Publication.   #P272-98.   $11.95   

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The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse

Translated and with an introduction by Jack Zipes. To read Hermann Hesse’s fairy tales is to enter a fabulous world of dreams and visions, philosophy and passion. This landmark collection contains twenty-two of Hesse’s finest stories in this genre, most translated into English here for the first time. Full of visionaries and seekers, princesses and wandering poets, his fairy tales speak to the place in our psyche that inspires us with deep spiritual longing; that compels us to leave home, and inevitably to return; and that harbors the greatest joys and most devastating wounds of our heart. Illuminating and inspiring, will challenge and enchant readers of all ages.
1 Publication.   #P331-98.   $12.95   

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The Far Side of Madness

Out of print at this time. We are always searching for copies and encouraging publishers to reprint. Call if you are interested.
1 Publication.   #P81-92.   $14.00   

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Leon Lederman :
The God Particle. If The Universe is the Answer, What is the Question?

1 Publication.   #P454-2000.   $12.95   

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The GOD Particle... If the Universe is the answer, What is the Question?

Join the fascinating search for the “God Particle”, the mysterious building block of all nature, with the Nobel Prize-winning physicist described as “a cross between Albert Einstein and Mel Brooks”. Since an inquiring Greek named Democritus of Abdera sniffed baking bread and deduced the existence of the a-tom, the pursuit of the infinitesimal has become science’s longest quest. Now, in a book of dazzling originality, we make the journey too, moving through the long string of Eureka moments that have brought us tantalizingly close to unlocking the last secrets of the universe. Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Rutherford, and Einstein are just a few of the heroes in Lederman’s tale, each one a brilliant detective looking for clues behind the veil of matter. Extraordinarily accessible, filled with razor-sharp wit and startling storytelling power, The God Particle is a celebration of human curiosity, inviting you to take part in an adventure...finding the solution to a puzzle that will be the greatest discovery of all time.
1 Publication.   #P275-98.   $12.95   

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The Guru Papers Masks of Authoritarian Power

Why are we at a pivot point in history? Beneath the visible authoritarianism in politics, social structures, and personalities is far more pervasive, covert authoritarianism. It is hidden in culture, morality, and daily life. By unmasking authoritarianism in such areas as addiction, intimate relations cults, and religion, the authors expose it as a major factor in social disintegration. Part One examines the most extreme example of one person giving power to another, the guru/disciple relationship, because this reveals less obvious occurrences of control. “Guru” is a metaphor for anyone who manipulates others under the guise of “knowing what’s best” for them, whether leaders, mothers, or lovers. Part Two decodes the authoritarian control concealed in contemporary values and beliefs. It portrays how basic problems, both personal and global, are tied to authoritarian assumptions so embedded they are taken for granted. The Guru Papers show there is a worldwide battle for people’s minds over basic values. At stake in these “morals wars” is our very survival as a species. When people take back the authority that has been unknowingly invested in others, this can unleash the intelligence and care needed to ensure that our history will continue.
1 Publication.   #P278-98.   $14.95   

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The Hidden Work

The Hidden Work is a form of prayer which helps the Absolute. It is not prayer of man asking help for himself. In real prayer we do not pray, we make prayer. This prayer is called Prayer-Absolute. This book is a technical manual. It is not intended to substitute for prayer because it is not a prayer in itself. But if you do have the inspiration to pray, it can be a powerful guide to performing real and effective prayer.
1 Publication.   #P300-98.   $12.50   

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The Hundredth Monkey

“The splitting of the atom has changed everything save our mode of thinking”, warned Albert Einstein, “and thus we drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.” This book shows you that we have the creativity and power to change both ourselves and the world. You are introduced to a radical new way of realizing the impact of your energy on the world around you--a quantum leap in consciousness, as demonstrated by the research on the Hundredth Monkey. You’ll find here the facts about nuclear armaments that some people don’t want you to know. The failure of a .46 computer part could sound an alarm that enemy missiles are on their way. An all-out nuclear war today could kill hundreds of millions of people--and cause leukemia, cancer and birth defects in people in all countries... Are you willing to live in such an insane world?The Hundredth Monkey was written by a successful author whose books now total over a million copies. So urgent is this information that he has not copy-righted it. He feels that his survival and your (is there any difference?) are more important than anything else. Your life and well-being are at stake. This book tells you what you can do about it. It gives you hope and direction.
2 Publications.   #P281-98.   $2.00   

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The Illuminati Papers

Is All of History a Vast Conspiracy? Cosmic Joke?Robert Anton Wilson developed a story of the Illuminati, a conspiracy as old as time itself, as a vehicle to amuse and enlighten. His best-selling books, “The Illuminati Trilogy” and “Comic Trigger”, have delighted readers the world over and made the Illuminati conspiracy the perfect metaphor for our time. In the Illuminati Papers, Robert Anton Wilson speaks through characters from his novels and other realities and presents his views on our future way of life. Herein lies: The HEAD Revolution, Secrets of Evolution, How to Eliminate Stupidity, Illuminati Interoffice Memos, The Position Papers of Hagbard Celine, Economic Liberation and The Usual Gang of Lunatics, Mystics, and Charlatans Clamoring for a New Social Order. Warning! This book may change your life!
1 Publication.   #P209-98.   $14.95   

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The Magical AND Ritual Use of APHRODISIACS

This book shows the dedication to quote’ “ I shall show you a love philtre without medicaments, without herbs, without a witche’s incantations. It is this: If you want to be loved, then you must love first.” -- Medieval folklore
1 Publication.   #P413-99.   $10.95   

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The Martian Enigmas

Mars has stirred our imagination since ancient times; until the second half of this century Mars was thought to be a world much like earth. But in the late 1960’s NASA’s Mariner probes shattered the illusion, revealing the Red Planet to be more like our Moon. Evidence of water erosion and other discoveries, however, fueled the hope that vestiges of life might yet be found on Mars. Mark J. Carlotto is a Division Staff Analyst at The Analytic Sciences Corporation (TASC), a hightech firm in the Boston Area. He earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon Dr. Carlotto has over ten years of experience in image processing and related fields, and has published over forty papers in computer vision, digital image processing, pattern recognition and other areas. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
1 Publication.   #P310-98.   $16.95   

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Robert Ornstein:
The Mind Field

1 Publication.   #P445-2000.   $15.00   

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The Mind of God...The Scientific Basis for the Rational World

“Through science,” Davies writes, “we human beings are able to grasp at least some of nature’s secrets. We have cracked part of the cosmic code. Why this should be, just why homo sapiens should carry the spark of rationality that provides the key to the universe, is a deep enigma. We, who are children of the universe--animated stardust-- can nevertheless reflect on the nature of that same universe, even to the extent of glimpsing the rules on which it runs.” By means of science, we can truly see into the mind of God. Paul Davies is Professor of Mathematical Physics at the University of Adelaide in Australia. His research has ranged across much of fundamental physics and cosmology, and he has earned an international reputation through his earlier books God and the New Physics, The Cosmic Blueprint, Superforce, and Other Worlds.
1 Publication.   #P307-98.   $22.00   

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The Monuments of Mars

“These Cydonia features merit closer attention with higher resolution. Much more detailed photos of the ‘Face’ would surely settle issues of symmetry and help resolve the debate between geology and monumental sculpture... In the case (most likely in my view) that the nearby structures were really once a city, that fact should also be obvious on closer examination...Unlike the UFO phenomenon, we have here the opportunity for a definitive experiment. This kind of hypothesis is falsifiable, a property that brings it well into the scientific arena...” - Dr. Carl Sagan
1 Publication.   #P296-98.   $22.95   

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Jane Roberts:
The Nature of Personal Reality. Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know.

A Seth Book
1 Publication.   #P463-2000.   $17.95   

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The New Inquisition : Irrational Rationalism and the Citadel of Science

Robert Anton Wilson, is a novelist, poet, playwright, lecturer, standup comic, futurist and psychologist. In science-fiction, he is the co-author (with Robert Shea) of the “Illuminatus“ trilogy which won the 1986 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award, ad author of the Schroedinger’s Cat trilogy (called “the most scientific of all science-fiction novels” by New Scientist). Among his historical novels are “The Earth Will Shake, The Widow’s Son and Masks of the Illuminati”. Wilson holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Hawthorn University, edited the Playboy Forum department of Playboy for six years and regularly gives seminars at Esalen and other New Age centers. Dr. Wilson has consulted for such notables as Isreal Regardie, Timothy Leary and too many others to mention. He has introduced such diverse books as “Undoing Yourself with Energized Meditation, Angel Tech, The Eye In the Triangle“ and the noted psychiatrists, Donald Holmes’ “The Sapiens System.” This book is out of print and hard to find. We have one used copy available.
1 Publication.   #P210-98.   $14.95   

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Judith Rich Harris:
The Nurture Assumptions. Why Children Turn Out The Way They Do. Parents Matter Less Than You Think and Peers Matter More.

1 Publication.   #P453-2000.   $15.00   

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Richard Tarnas:
The Passion of the Western Mind. Understanding the Ideas that Formed our Worldview.

1 Publication.   #P455-2000.   $14.00   

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The Passionate Mind... A Manual for Living Creatively with One’s Self.

Joel Kramer has been speaking throughout the world for many years about the basic concerns of living. He was on the resident faculty at Esalen Institute from 1968-70. He teaches on the evolution of awareness, combining Eastern and Western perspectives. “Thank you for The Passionate Mind. It held my interest throughout, which for me is unusual. You present basic verities in a way that anyone could assimilate, with beauty and simplicity.” - Anais Nin “Joel Kramer, in his own unique way, shares through his own life adventures, direct ways of helping you to experience you being both the Known and the Knower.” - Alan Watts “Perhaps Joel Kramer’s singular merit lies in his content which is so unusual, so startling, as to grip the mind and shake its foundations... He deals with simple, even commonplace subjects which have been abused again and again. Only, he brings fresh impact to their understanding.” - Gordon Sherman, Chairman of the Board, California School of Professional Psychology. “This book represents years of talking with people about the fundamental problems of living. It is a collection of transcribed and edited lectures. It is also an expression of my own inner inquiry.” - Joel Kramer This book contains lectures on Belief, Pleasure, Freedom, Fear, Death, Time, Love, Sexuality , Evolution and other related topics.
1 Publication.   #P279-98.   $8.95   

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The Politics of Consciousness

The Politics of Consciousness, a practical guide to Personal Freedom with a foreward by Terence McKenna. Think for yourself and question authority. In this volume, Steve Kubby--a modern day Tom Paine--provides two great services. First, he rails against the Gestapo tactics of sealed warrants, seizures without due process and excessive bails used by the DEA and other government regulatory agencies in their “War against Drugs” (actually against youth and nature), which have filled our jails to overflowing and rendered hundreds of thousands of Americans in the position of being “guilty until proven innocent.” And second, he elaborates how psychedelic “plant wisdom” has produced deep personal, spiritual and even physical healing insights, teaching us, in one of the greatest mass social experiments ever, to rethink our most fundamental ideas about the world in which we live, amplifying and expanding our awareness, and de-conditioning pernicious forms of social hypnosis. Kubby’s is a version of extending both internal and external freedoms, with an emphasis on hemp’s medical, environmental and industrial benefits, that has tremendous value for us a... - Peter Stafford, author of The Psychedelic Encyclopedia.
1 Publication.   #P277-98.   $16.95   

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The Possible Human

1 Publication.   #P18-92.   $12.95   

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The Psychedelic Experience : A Manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead

The drug is only one component of a psychedelic session. Equally important is the mental and spiritual preparation, both before and in the course of taking the drug. The authors find no need to invent new mental and spiritual materials for this purpose. The great literature of meditation lends itself very well to this use. This manual uses material from,“The Tibetan Book of the Dead”. The authors also make an important contribution to the interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. They show that it is concerned not with the dead, but with the living. The last section of the manual provides instructions for an actual psychedelic session, under adequate safeguards. The authors were engaged in a program of experiments with LSD and other psychedelic drugs at Harvard University until sensational national publicity unfairly concentrating on student interest in the drugs, led to the suspension of the experiments. Since then, the authors have continued their work without academic auspices.
1 Publication.   #P231-98.   $9.95   

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The Psychedelic Reader

The Psychedelic Review was founded in 1963 as a serious journal dedicated to the study of the mind-expanding potential of both natural and synthesized psychedelic substances. Presenting experts in the fields of anthropology, religion, pharmacology, poetry and metaphysics, this groundbreaking journal had a dramatic impact on its time, attracting a large and avid readership among academics and the burgeoning psychedelic underground. The articles included in this anthology appeared long before the media, the Beatles, and the counterculture reduced psychedelia to yet another faddish commodity. The writers in The Psychedelic Reader include Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, Sir Julian Huxley and Ralph Metzner on subjects as varied and fascinating as “The Religious Experience: Its Production and Interpretation” and “Botanical Sources of New World Narcotics.” Touching on everything from the poetry of Herman Hesse to specific dosage levels, The Psychedelic Reader treats its subject with an engaging combination of adventure and solemnity.The Citadel Underground edition of The Psychedelic Reader invites a new generation of readers to be present at the creation of a new consciousness.
1 Publication.   #P232-98.   $12.95   

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The Science of Yoga

Taimni calls Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutras “... a marvel of systematic exposition.” The author of The Science of Yoga is eminently qualified to present his interpretation of the Sutras, having studied, taught and practiced yoga through much of his life. Celebrated throughout the world for his innovative approach to many occult and metaphysical questions, he is the author of Glimpses into the Psychology of Yoga, Introduction to Hindu Symbolism, and also, the two best-selling Quest books: Self-Culture and Man, God and the Universe.
1 Publication.   #P319-98.   $15.00   

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The Search for the Beloved

1 Publication.   #P96-92.   $11.95   

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David Fontana:
The Secret Language of Symbols. A Visual Key To Symbols And Their Meanings.

Publication.   #P459-94.   $19.95   

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The Secret Life of Plants

Exploring the world of plants and its relation to mankind as revealed by the latest discoveries of scientists, The Secret Life of Plants includes remarkable information about plants as lie detectors and plants as ecological sentinels; it describes their ability to adapt to human wishes, their response to music, their curative powers, and their ability to communicate with man. Authors Pete Tompkins and Christopher Bird suggest that the most far-reaching revolution of the twentieth century--one that could save or destroy the planet--may come from the bottom of your garden.
1 Publication.   #P336-98.   $22.99   

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The Self in Psychotic Process

1 Publication.   #P83-92.   $16.00   

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The Shakespeare/Bacon Controversy

Serious consideration of the work of Shakespeare cannot overlook the fact that, along with great understanding of human nature, the author was well educated and familiar with the subtleties of court life. Therefore, from what little is known of William Shakespeare, it is difficult to conclude he could have written the work. At the same time, careful examination of the life of Francis Bacon supports a hundred year old theory that Bacon was the true author of Shakespeare—something vehemently denied by academic scholars. However, for the concerned individual, the question is not who was Shakespeare, but who is was Francis Bacon? Once this is addressed, Bacon’s authorship of Shakespeare is quite plausible and the entire body of his work becomes a gate to the esoteric that illuminates ancient mystery and broadens modern consciousness. A graduate of Princeton University, Arthur M. Young, developer and designer of the Bell helicopter, is the author of , “The Reflexive Universe”, and “The Geometry of Meaning“, and founder of the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley, California.
1 Publication.   #P213-98.   $3.95   

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The Tarot... A Guide to Reading Your Own Cards

This book will teach you to read the Tarot cards---all you need is Tarot deck! The author has written a clear and practical guide which can be used with any Tarot deck; this a comprehensive reference work designed to resolve any immediate problems during a reading. This book contains two sections: provides step-by-step instructions for conducting a successful Tarot card reading; takes you through the entire deck, card by card, identifying all possible meanings of a given card in complete detail.
1 Publication.   #P327-98.   $10.95   

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The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

In this major and comprehensive work, Buddhist meditation master and international speaker Sogyal Rinpoche brings together the ancient wisdom of Tibet with modern research on death and dying and the nature of the universe. With unprecedented scope, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying clarifies the majestic vision of the life and death that underlies The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Sogyal Rinpoche presents simple yet powerful practices from the heart of Tibetan tradition that anyone, whatever their religion or background, can do to transform their lives, prepare for death, and help the dying. Rinpoche presents his own vision of the near-death experience from the Tibetan perspective.
1 Publication.   #P324-98.   $20.00   

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The Time Travel Handbook: A Manual of Practical Teleportation & Time Travel

1 Publication.   #P532-2000.   $16.95   

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The Undiscovered Self

1 Publication.   #P74-92.   $12.00   

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The Unfolding Self

In the Unfolding Self Dr. Ralph Metzner unveils the dynamics and archetypes of transformative experience--offering seekers reliable guidance along their own inner path. No comparable psychology of spirituality exists that draws from such a rich lifework of scholarship, experiment, and spiritual practice. Drawing from multiple disciplines and ranging across the world’s cultures, Dr. Metzner goes beyond his roots in transpersonal psychology to uncover universal structures of spiritual transformation. Readers who immerse themselves in these masterful descriptions can catalyze their own process of evolution.
1 Publication.   #P229-98.   $14.95   

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The Voice of the Earth: Discovery of the Ecological Unconsciousness

Theodore Roszak introduces a whole new theory under the name "ecopsychology" which posits that madness and sanity must be redefined in the context of environmental concerns. Author of Creating a Counter Culture and Where the Wasteland Ends, Roszak delves into mysticism, religion and the purpose of nature to develop this provocative concept. A talk (#A131-93) by the same title is a good one to listen to more than once.
1 Publication.   #P9-93.   $10.00   

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The White Hole in Time... Our Future Evolution and the Meaning of Now

Have you ever gazed up at the stars on a clear night and wondered what it’s all about? What’s going on out there in the vastness of space? And what are we doing here on Earth? Is life very rare, if not unique, in the Universe? Or are we human beings utterly insignificant? In terms of physical size and location we certainly are of little significance. In the words of, “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, ‘Space is big... vastly hugely mindbogglingly big...’ Every star that you see is a star in our own galaxy. And for every one of these there are thousands more far too faint to be seen with the naked eye. It may be hard to imagine, but our own galaxy contains many billions of stars. And as if this were not enough to dwarf us completely, this galaxy is but one of a billion other unseen galaxies. A sweeping vision of humanity’s present and future--from the physicist internationally hailed as the new Buckminster Fuller.“Absolutely brilliant. Like Marx and Freud, but with more wisdom than either of them, Russell might set off a revolution in a dozen sciences and in human consciousness as well.” - Robert Anton Wilson.
1 Publication.   #P256-98.   $10.00   

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The Wisdom of Insecurity

1 Publication.   #P111-92.   $7.00   

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The Wounded Healer... SHAMAN

As a healer, ceremonialist, spiritual guide and artist, the shaman has been a key figure in human society since he was depicted in the cave paintings made 30,000 years ago by the Paleolithic hunters of Europe. In his bestselling books the anthropologist Carlos Castaneda has described how a shaman like Don Juan is active in America today, using trance and ecstasy to master the unseen forces of nature. Shamanism lies at the very heart of some cultures and survives in the shadowy fringes of others. The words and insights, the costumes and regalia of the shamans, together with photographs of their rituals and of their paintings, are the basis of this vivid and informed book with 131 illustrations, 16 in color.
1 Publication.   #P299-98.   $15.95   

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The Yage Letters

The Yage Letters: an early epistolary novel by William S. Burroughs, whose 1951 account of himself as Junkie, published under the pseudonym William Lee, ended ‘Yage may be the final fix’. In letters to Allen Ginsberg, an unknown young poet in New York, his journey to the Amazon jungle is recorded, detailing picaresque incidents of search for telepathic-hallucinogenic-mind-expanding drug Yage (Ayahuasca, or Banisteriopsis Cape) used by Amazon indian doctors for finding lost objects, mostly bodies and souls. Author and recipient of these letters met again in New York, Xmas 1953, pruned and edited the writing to form a single book. Correspondence contains first seeds of later Ginsberg in Peru writes his old guru an account of his own visions and terrors with the same drug, appealing for further counsel. Burrough’s mysterious reply is sent. The volume concludes with two epilogues: a short note from Ginsberg on his return from the Orient years later reassuring Self that he is still here on earth, and a final poetic cut-up by Burroughs, ‘I Am Dying, Meester?’
1 Publication.   #P311-98.   $10.95   

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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Sri Swami Satchidananda is a monk who has dedicated his life to the cause of peace, both individual and universal. A world renowned spiritual teacher and ecumenical leader, Sri Swamiji has lectured widely around the globe at the invitation of individuals, groups and organizations of all backgrounds and beliefs. The Yoga Sutras are a complete manual for the study and practice of Yoga. In his commentaries and new translation of this age-old text, Swami Satchinanda shares his own practical, down-to-earth advice on mastering the mind and achieving physical, mental and emotional harmony in life through applying the ancient, yet eternally useful, techniques of Raja Yoga.
1 Publication.   #P330-98.   $12.95   

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Thinking Like a Mountain

1 Publication.   #P79-92.   $9.95   

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This Timeless Moment

1 Publication.   #P103-92.   $10.95   

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Tibetan Folk Tales

This charming collection of authentic Tibetan folklore reflects the enduring wisdom, engaging humor, and unique culture of the people of the legendary Land of Snows. The Tibetans’ love of storytelling is reflected in these folk narratives, including: The Tibetan myth of creation, and stories of the origin of important deities and ancient rulers.; some of the famous Jataka tales, stories of former lives of the Buddha, illustrating his practical wisdom and universal compassion; stories of the release of a hero from animal form, reminiscent of Western fables such as “The Frog Prince”; the most popular of all the time-honored legends of Tibet, the great epic of King Gesar of Ling, the warrior who became a national hero. Here, the story of his birth and ascension to sovereignty are presented. To this day, Gesar symbolizes the hope of Tibetans that their country will know the rule of a just leader in a free realm once again.
1 Publication.   #P292-98.   $14.50   

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Tobacco and Shamanism in South America

Anthropologist Johannes Wilbert here presents a comprehensive ethnography of magico-religious, medicinal, and recreational tobacco use among native South American societies. Surveying nearly three hundred societies, Wilbert has found that South American Indians use tobacco in many ways and that a close functional relation exists between tobacco and shamanism. “ Wilbert draws on an enormous body of literature to explore in admirable fashion the intimate relationship between domesticated members of the nightshade family and the cultural context in which they were lovingly propagated and effectively exploited...A truly impressive bibliography accompanies this book, which reminds us that we are reading a first-class reference source.” - Peter Stahl, American Scientist“A compendium and an original theoretical statement on...the often forgotten pharmacologic properties of the world’s most popular recreational drug.” - Terence E. Hays, Journal of Ethnobiology.
1 Publication.   #P250-98.   $27.95   

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Turn On Tune In Drop Out

Publication.   #P466-99.   $14.95   

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Tzolkin Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies

Tzolkin is a visionary journey into the heart of an ancient oracle. As the subtitle “Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies” suggests, both the academic and mystical viewpoints are explored. The sacred Calendar of Mesoamerica is more than a calendar...More than we may ever realize! In its guise as a cosmology, it is a mytho-evolutionary system which describes the spiritual and physical unfolding of the Earth. At the heart of this sophisticated yet ancient philosophy is the Sacred Tree--the Axis Mundi. Prepare to begin a journey... Prepare to enter the mysterious borderland between night and day.
1 Publication.   #P288-98.   $13.95   

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1 Publication.   #P73-92.   $10.00   

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Verbum Magazine digital art of the 90's with exceptional color graphics and commentary; a journal of personal computer aesthetics.
1 Publication.   #P24-90.   $7.00   

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Verbum Interactive CD-ROM 1.0

The world's first fully integrated multimedia magazine. It combines text, sound, graphics, animations, talking agents, video and music--all at your command through an engaging point and click interface. Verbum Interactive 1.0 was developed by Verbum Magazine, the cutting edge of digital art and design since l986. It features a video piece produced by Sound Photosynthesis.
1 Publication.   #P114-92.   $49.95   

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Vibrational Medicine

This is the most definitive and intelligent book yet published on the subject of energetic medicine, covering the fields of homeopathic remedies, lower essences, crystal healing, therapeutic touch, acupuncture, radionics, electrotherapy, herbal medicine, psychic healing, and therapeutic radiology. The author, a physician, discusses these areas not only with respect to their practice, but with respect to their theory, history, and spiritual philosophy. Dr. Richard Gerber received his medical degree form Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit. For the last twelve years, he has been researching alternative methods for diagnosis and healing, including the use of Kirlian photography for cancer detection. The compilation of these years of research forms the basis for this book. He currently lives in Livonia, Michigan.
1 Publication.   #P301-98.   $16.95   

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Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis

The complete Vimaanika Shastra Text. Secret libraries & ancient science. Atlantean aircraft & technology. Sanskrit scholars & Vimana texts.
1 Publication.   #P530-2000.   $15.95   

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Voices from the Edge

Conversations with Jerry Garcia, Ram Dass, Annie Sprinkle, Matthew Fox, Jaron Lanier & others. Interviews by David Jay Brown and Rebecca McClen Novick. Within the pages of this book, through conversations with some of the most far-reaching cultural innovators of our day, we explore a variety of exciting new options made available by the cultural renaissance that is upon us and examine some possible solutions to our impending global crisis. “Some of the most important thinkers of our time speak in their own words to two brilliant interviewers. Anyone aspiring to understand the new millennium we are entering will have to read this book. Every page explodes like an intellectual firecracker. A first-rate job!” - Robert Anton Wilson, co-author of the Illuminatus Trilogy and author of Prometheus Rising.
1 Publication.   #P312-98.   $14.95   

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Witch-Doctor’s Apprentice

Introduction by Terence McKenna
1 Publication.   #P529-90.   $19.95   

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Wizard of the Upper Amazon

Wizard of the Upper Amazon is an extraordinary document of life among a tribe of South American Indians at the beginning of the century...In a matter-of-fact tone Cordova tells how he learned the lore of the forest and the Amahuaca directly from the visions that followed upon drinking the ayahuasca extract. He also describes vividly his repeated experiences of shared consciousness with his captors: group vision sessions in which all participants see the same visions simultaneously.”- Andrew Weil from the Introduction. “Plunged into the middle of a jungle foodweb, only visions, plant narcotics, hunting skills and an incredible intimacy with the natural world sustain Cordova-Rios. In no other book have I felt the mixing of human and animal and dream worlds to be so clear and direct.” “I wrote the above paragraph in 1972 after reading the hardback. On re-reading the paper edition, I can only say that this book is far superior to anything Castaneda has attempted. The Huni Kui is not a destroyed tribe like the Yaqui. The Huni Kui have pleasant and important communal visions much more astounding and connected-to-life than the individualistic “fearful” visions of Castaneda. To complete the praise: This is one of the three or four best books I have every encountered.” - Peter Warshall of The CoEvolution Quarterly.
1 Publication.   #P276-98.   $20.00   

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Wonders of the Natural Mind

“This book will be of great help to readers wishing to find a clear explanation of the Bon tradition, especially with regard to its presentation of the teachings of Dzogchen.” - His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Wonders of the Natural Mind is a presentation of Dzogchen as taught in the Bon tradition. Dzogchen has begun to be familiar to Westerners principally through the teachings of the Nyingmapa school, His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, and other Tibetan teachers residing and teaching Western countries. In Wonders of the Natural Mind, the author presents the Dzogchen teachings based on the Zhang Zhung Nyan Gyud, the fundamental Bon text. The book gives an epitome of the main points of Dzogchen, its relation to the various systems of Bon teaching, and the author’s personal reflections on the practice of Dzogchen in the West.
1 Publication.   #P334-98.   $15.95   

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You Are Not the Target

Laura Huxley offers practical wisdom on how a human being in a chaotic world can cope with stress, and anxiety, competition, and the uncertainty of the times without going to pieces mentally or physically. “When we change, “ she writes, “others change too, and circumstances change in a manner that is almost miraculous,” and she points out that “making others feel better generally makes us feel better.” Laura Huxley shows you how to change, how to influence the elements around you, how to cope successfully with the problems of the inner and outer world. To achieve this, she offers more than 33 Recipes for Living and Loving.
1 Publication.   #P291-98.   $9.95   

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