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A Second Look at the Genesis Myth - The Serpent as a Guide to Human Evolution

1 Audio Cassette.   #A35-87.   $9.00   

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Ancient Genome, Wise Body, Unhealthy People: The Rediscovery of Creativity in Biology (but not in medicine)

A new epigenetic paradigm is emerging in biology which embraces creative characteristics of organisms. In medicine, however, we observe a tendency to embrace a mechanistic approach to the organism so that there exists a growing separation between medicine and fundamental biological thought. Dr. Strohman, a Professor Emeritus in Molecular and Cell Biology at U.C. Berkeley, discusses the basis for this separation as well as its influence on current approaches to health care.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A168-93.   $18.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V107-93.   $35.00   

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Applying the Theory of Process to Psychology

A brilliant composite of Arthur Young's Theory of Process as represented in the workings of the human psyche historically and philosophically. Frank Barr's work is consistently thorough and important.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A6-85.   $18.00   

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Arthur Young's Reflexive Universe - The Metaparadigm for the Future

Dr. Whitehouse, a psychologist, biofeedback therapist and emeritus professor of psychology, has studied and taught about Arthur Young's works since 1979. His goal is to make Arthur's theory come alive and be understandable to all. He is writing a book on the theory for the lay person. Dr. Whitehouse proposes that Young's Thoery of Process is the leading candidate for the metaparadigm that bridges the gap between the disciplines and between science, religion and spirit.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A205-96.   $19.95   
1 Video Cassette.   #V183-96.   $34.95   

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Arthur Young's Theory of Process

1 Video Cassette.   #V133-97.   $34.95   

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Judith Hill is an astrological researcher and author of The Astrological Body Types: Face, Form and Expression. She has spoken at the Institute in the past about her extraordinary earlier work in earthquake prediction. Her latest research involves a remarkable predominance of the planet Mars in the charts of redheads. Ms. Hill discusses a wide variety of theories of astrological/genetic correlation.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A258-95.   $18.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V283-95.   $35.00   

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At The Institute for the Study of Consciousness

Remote viewing.......a psychic endeavor available to everyone.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A34-85.   $9.00   
1 Audio Cassette.   #A738-92.   $9.00   

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Bacon, Shakespeare and Western Esotericism

Peter Dawkins, architect, writer and Cambridge scholar is founder of the Francis Bacon Trust. According to Dawkins, Bacon left behind many secret writings which shed light on the true history and importance of his work--and its significance for the twentieth century.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A219-95.   $20.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V282-95.   $35.00   

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Beyond Humanity

When Mr. Keyes speaks, he says something surprising.
1 Video Cassette.   #V160-89.   $35.00   

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Brain Systems

Frank Barr is the foremost authority on melanin operation in brain/mind function.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A7-85.   $18.00   

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Changes of State in Effective Psychotherapy

Roger Callahan, PhD. , is a clinical psychotherapist and developer of "Thought-Field Therapy," which he describes as a radically new procedure for rapidly resolving a variety of psycho-emotional problems, including trauma, phobias, anxiety, anger, rage, guilt, grief, depression, obsession, etc. In searching for a theoretical underpinning for his empirical discoveries, Dr. Callahan has begun to incorporate Arthur Young's Theory of Process into his work.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A90-95.   $18.00   

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Current Research of Anomalous Mental Phenomena

Edwin C. May, Ph.D., a brilliant lecturer, nuclear physicist and author of 130 papers, is Director of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory in Menlo Park. He was Program Manager for a similar five-year effort at SRI International. This lecture overviewed research of : 1) anomalous cognition, when information is gathered from the environment and transferred when all known sensory channels are blocked (ESP, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition), and 2) anomalous perturbation, when there is interaction with the environment (psychokinesis, teleportation, materialization), focusing on anomalous cognition. Experiments in remote viewing--a type of cognitive mental phenomena whereby subjects mentally describe distant scenes were discussed.
1 Video Cassette.   #V68-93.   $34.95   

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Darwin On Trial

Ph.D., Prof. of Law at U.C. Berkeley and author of Darwin On Trial as well as textbooks on criminal law, examines the reliability of evidence for evolution, most particularly the critical Darwinian claim that material factors such as random mutation and natural selection are responsible for producing complex biological systems without preexisting intelligence. This is a provocative controversial and convincing attack on accepted ideas of evolution. A breakthrough the stereotyped debate between materialist Darwinism on the one hand and biblical creationism on the other.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A977-92.   $9.99   

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Death and Ressurection

An excellent tour through the philosophical pillars of wisdom bearers on the topics that Jeffrey Mishlove thinks allowed about. Intuition, the Theory of Process, the fore fathers of psychology and para psychology and his very own roots in Judistic tradition.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A867-96.   $9.95   

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Facing the Outer Darkness

1 Audio Cassette.   #A867-91.   $9.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V392-91.   $35.00   

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Focus of Attention on Brain Waves

2 Audio Cassettes.   #A88-87.   $18.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V12-87.   $35.00   

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From Planetary Citizenry to Galactic Citizenry

A good tape if you can suspend your disbelief--a rational look at outlandish realities.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A198-90.   $10.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V195-90.   $35.00   

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How the Sap Rises in the Spring

1 Audio Cassette.   #A344-94.   $10   

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Illumination, God and the Gods

A growing number of individuals take seriously the writings of Zecharia Sitchen and their implications for our world. Sitchen, whose translations of Sumerian texts have revealed a civilization where the "gods", or human progenitors, lived among us and had a direct influence on human affairs, is himself hesitant to comment on the ramifications of his own discoveries. Father Charlie, a former Santa Cruz district attorney, is a free-thinking Roman Catholic priest from the Carmel-Monterey area. He holds degrees in philosophy and theology from Catholic University, and is a student of many languages, modern and ancient. He discusses the origins of Judaism and Christianity in the light of the Sumerian story of Genesis.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A282-93.   $18.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V363-93.   $35.00   

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Intuition and The Theory of Process

Host of the THINKING ALLOWED television series and author of "The Roots of Consciousness" and "Psi Development Systems", Jeffrey has recently become director of the Global Intuition Network. He applies his understanding of parapsychological process and intuitive functioning to the model of consciousness developed by institute founder Arthur YOUNG.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A1033-94.   $9.99   

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Kundalini and Consciousness

Looking back on 20 years of experience and also having carried out the work of Lee Sanella for 13 years, Stuart demonstrated Kundalini, its path and the expansion of consciousness with the use of state of the art electronics and mantras.
1 Video Cassette.   #V125-97.   $34.95   

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Life as Physics: A New Electromagnetic Paradigm

1 Audio Cassette.   #A298-88.   $9.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V88-88.   $35.00   

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My Head is a Committee, How Do I Know When I’m Listening to ME?

Richard, a holistic health pioneer, former Associate Dean in Consciousness Studies at JFK Univ, and presently teaching at Cal State Hayward, will discuss whether there’s a developmental pattern in the mind/brain. Does each phase have an important agenda in how human consciousness functions? Interesting political implications arose and a lively debate carried the night.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A370-97.   $18.99   

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New Ways to Save Your Garden, Farm, and Planet

The author of "The Secret Life of Plants" has a convincing tone of voice.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A440-89.   $18.00   

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Orphism and the Family

We've waited a long time for this - good pattern recognition. A mathematician in story teller's clothing.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A559-90.   $9.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V236-90.   $35.00   

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William C. Gough:
Outer and Inner light

Dr. Gough provides a bridge for the evolution of consciousness to become more widely recognized as a science. He is president of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research, and is actively involved in the work of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A208-96.   $19.95   
1 Video Cassette.   #V301-96.   $34.95   

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Pre-Geometrical Dynamics: A Quantum Mechanical Perspective

The Dean of Physics at UC Berkeley gives his own interpretation of how it's laid out.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A424-89.   $19.95   
1 Video Cassette.   #V156-89.   $35.00   

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Psychic Dreaming

Topics covered include: the current range of theories and concepts regarding dreams, recent research on Dreams and Altered States of Consciousness, the forms of psychic information in Dreams, How to better recall your dreams, Lucid Dreaming: becoming conscious in your dreams, how Parapsychologists deal with Psychic Dreams and how to work with your own dreams, psychic and otherwise. Auerbach is president of the California Society for Psychical Study, parapsychologist, and author of ESP, Ghosts and Hauntings and Psychic Dreams. He discusses the ways in which we can identify and use psychic experiences occurring in one of our most interesting altered states ...dreaming!
1 Audio Cassette.   #A864-91.   $9.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V383-91.   $34.95   

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An animated talk, with Q&A, that informed the audience through anecdotes, analogies and opinions. Scientific perspectives regarding psychoactive substances resulted from the information rich evening.
1 Video Cassette.   #V466-96.   $34.95   

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Puzzling Through The Muddle?

Creating a paradigm to encompass our loose hunches and allow for our wider speculations is an ongoing problem. John Kelly is a registered psychiatric nurse who has been studying Arthur Young's work at the Institute for several years. He has a long-standing interest in psycho-linguistics, biofeedback and conscious evolution. He uses Arthur Young's theory of process and other relevant models for puzzle exploration and problem solving, including assessment, planning implementing, evaluating and possibly predicting the next level of exploration.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A259-94.   $19.95   
1 Video Cassette.   #V491-94.   $35.00   

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Radionics and Alternative Medicine fo the 21st Century

John Klimo was a professor at Rutgers University. He is currently Associate Dean and Director of Research at Rosebridge Graduate School of Integrative Psychology in Concord where he also co-directs its new parapsychology specialization.
1 Video Cassette.   #V336-96.   $34.95   

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Regional Correlations of Earthquakes With Planetary Positions

1 Audio Cassette.   #A42-86.   $9.00   

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Remote Viewing of Alien Species

2 Audio Cassettes.   #A338-94.   $19.99   
1 Video Cassette.   #V54-94.   $34.95   

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Shamanic Overview

Ruth-Inge Heinze founded and continues to oversee the annual International Conference for the Study of Shamanism, along with many other ground-breaking scholastic and public events. She is included in "Shape Shifters,” a book about Bay Area shamans.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A39-85.   $9.95   

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Ruth-Inge Heinze:
Signs, Symbols, and Architypes - the Emergence of Conscious Stuctures

Ruth, trained in psychological anthropology and comparative religion, is Research Associate at the University of California, Berkeley and also national director of the independent scholars of Asia. For the last 35 years, she has conducted research in most of the Asian countries, Europe and in the US, on the study of consciousness and the process of communicating ineffable experiences.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A207-96.   $19.95   
1 Video Cassette.   #V300-96.   $34.95   

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Spirituality and Medicine

Clinical Director of the Psychosocial Oncology Research Program at California Pacific Medical Center and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, Elizabeth discusses research on the role of spiritual beliefs and practices in modifying medical outcomes and the quality of life in the context of illness. A thorough and enlightening presentation from a very bright light on the frontier.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A870-97.   $9.95   

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Subtle Information: A Unifing Concept for Matter and Consciousness

A good one hour talk, by a good speaker. Dr. Rubic has been doing extensive research in this area.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A221-96.   $9.95   

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The Art and Science Healing Introduction

The body's immune systems can be activated to transform illness into wellness. Dr. Laskow, a Stanford trained physician and former Chief of OB-GYN, has spent the past 15 years studying and researching the healing powers of awareness and subtle energies.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A203-96.   $9.95   

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The Blossoming of Consciousness

Dr. Pinkson, a psychologist, is presently Clinical Consultant for the Center of Attitudinal Healing, in Marin, and also high performance coach for executives. His latest book, Flowers of Wirikuta reflects his work and study with Huicholes in Mexico.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A202-95.   $9.95   
1 Video Cassette.   #V316-95.   $34.95   

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The Controllers: An Alternative Hypothesis of Alien Abduction

The "Cannon Report" is one of the most talked about and respected documents to come out of ufology in recent years, and it provides an explanation of the most enigmatic of all UFO mysteries, the "abduction scenario." Martin Cannon is an independent researcher with much wit and insight. Without revealing the nature of his thesis, suffice it to say that after hearing him you will wish that the culprits were little gray creatures with big eyes and no self interest.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A1082-93.   $20.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V505-93.   $35   

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The Criteria for Sacredness in the Evolution of Culture

An excursion from early history of human culture via study of the ancient rituals and sacred symbols of archaic peoples to the present day. An hour of didactic and an hour of insightful questions and answers. Anyone who is interested in the topic of culture should hear John Perry. In his forward to Dr. Perry's The Self in Psychotic Process, C.G. Jung wrote that "the psyche like the body, is an extremely historical structure." These deep structures are revealed in the emotional images that surface in archetypal patterns in what John W. Perry has called "the reconstitutive process of the Self." An excursion from early history of human culture via study of the ancient rituals and sacred symbols of archaic peoples to the present day.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A212-96.   $18.95   
1 Video Cassette.   #V460-96.   $34.95   

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The Dynamic Duo

Hoagland has become quite popular since 1990. Listen to his original thoughts shared with the Institute folks.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A750-82.   $9.00   

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The Esselen 4-Direction Mandala and the Theory Of Process

HUMMUX, PhD, physicist, long time student and teacher of Arthur Young’s Theories gave a beautiful synopsis of the subject of his latest research while living with the Ventana Wilderness based Esselen Native Americans. Informative and comprehensive. HUMMUX has also studied the Maya calendar extensively. TRT: 82 minutes.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A998-94.   $20.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V147-94.   $35.00   

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The Hero With a Thousand Hangups; or, The Gods Wear Designer Genes

Neil Freer is a researcher, writer and lecturer whose chief influence is the work of Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin, author of The Twelfth Planet. His book, Breaking the Godspell, "explores the ramifications of the archaeological, astronomical and genetic proof for our being a genetically engineered species and presents the ramifications of this paradigm of human nature that resolves the Creationist-Evolutionary conflict."
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A769-92.   $20.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V412-92.   $35.00   

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The History of Philosophy

Stand back, Dr. Barr is a powerhouse of information. Be prepared to listen to this tape many times.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A4-83.   $18.00   

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The Mystery School

Ancient societies cultivated a sensitivity to the environment, to the body, and to the inner workings of the mind which is often lost in modern life. Author of Body Time and founder/director of the Nine Gates Mystery School. Luce says that today we have an unprecedented opportunity to learn from the native teachings of many cultures and times, and connect with our roots to develop a healthier, integrated lifestyle.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A77-87.   $18.00   

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The Mythological Dynamics of Evolutionary Process

This is absorbing material if you can hang in there and pay attention. The video helps...or replay the tape many times.
1 Audio Cassette.   #A3-87.   $27.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V1-87.   $27.00   

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Christian De Quincy:
The Paradox of Consciousness

Christian, a science writer/editor for Noetic Science Review, specializes in the philosophy, history and science of consciousness. He hold an M.A. in consciousness studies from John F. Kennedy University and co-authored, with Willis Harman, "The Scientific Exploration of Consciousness: Toward and Adequate Epistemology." For centuries, philosophers have grappled with the conundrum of how mind and matter are related. We need to develop a radically different understanding of what matter is if we are ever to come to terms with the mind-body split, or to develop a true science of consciousness.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A206-96.   $19.95   
1 Video Cassette.   #V298-96.   $34.95   

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The Pleiades Project: Demystifying the Billy Meier Material

Recorded 12/6/93. RANDOLPH WINTERS has been lecturing and writing about the Billy Meier contact case for over 10 years. A friend and confident of Meier's, Winters is in a position to reveal and explore data contained in the many thousand pages of "contact Notes" from Meier's years of "conversations" with the Pleidians. Subjects include the history of life on Earth, space propulsion and advanced alien philosophy.
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A1084-93.   $20.00   

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The Roots of Consciousness

Host of the THINKING ALLOWED television series and author of "The Roots of Consciousness" and "Psi Development Systems", Jeffrey has recently become director of the Global Intuition Network. This book is essentially an encyclopedia of the history of altered states of consciousness and occult practices. It contains a highly technical, and fascinating, appendix on a mathematical theory of mind by Saul-Paul SIRAG.
1 Publication.   #P66-94.   $34.95   

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The Shadow of the Other: A Critical Look at the New Age

2 Audio Cassettes.   #A305-87.   $18.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V59-87.   $35.00   

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The Theory of BioProcess: The Connection to the Work of Arthur Young

Experience Dr Buchele teach us about Arthur Youngs theory of process using many of Frank Barr's original slides and many fun stories and analogies. Frank Barr is in the audience adding comments. Ruth Forbes Young introduces Michael at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness.

1 DVD #Z329-07   $35
2 Audio Cassettes.    #A570-96.    $20.00   

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The Theory of Process

Presentation of the work of Arthur M. Young, from a psychologist’s point of view. Mr. Young was in the audience.
1 Video Cassette.   #V253-94.   $34.95   

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UFO's and the Theory of Process

The information comes in fast and complex explanations, accompanied by elaborately illustrated charts which will need to be viewed many times and will greatly contribute to understanding Arthur Young's "Reflexive Universe."
2 Audio Cassettes.   #A432-89.   $20.00   
1 Video Cassette.   #V153-89.   $34.95   

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Vibration and Photon - Consciousness of Color and Sound

1 Video Cassette.   #V6-87.   $35.00   

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