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May 11, 2006
Announcing the re-release on DVD of
Richard Feynman - Computers From The Inside Out:
The Feynman Lecture on Heuristics

Richard Feynman Tiny Machines

Historically celebrated as one of the most brilliant physicists, teachers, and original thinkers, Professor Feynman is the acknowledged inventor of quantum computing.  In the spirit of Feynman: find out what computers means, find out what heuristics means, find out what idiosyncratic thinking means, find out what the pleasure of finding things out means.  Richard Feynman joyfully shares the fun of understanding systems - he calls the workings of the machine we are discussing,  “The guts!”  A professorial/conspiratorial tone carries his entertaining introduction to his attentive non-technical audience,   "One of the miseries of life is that everybody names things a little bit wrong, and so it makes everything a little harder to understand in the world than it would be if it were named differently."   The program begins and  Richard Feynman is waiting for you on the playground of your mind.  You will be amazed at how smart you are after immersing yourself in Feynman's world.  These first 2 DVDs, Computers From The Inside Out and Tiny Machines are worth viewing many times, showing them to your family, friends, students and class.  TRT 1 hr. 17 mins.

1 DVD.    #Z23-2006    $29.95       

Richard Feynman - Computers From The Inside Out: The Feynman Lecture on Heuristics is also available in other media:

1 Video Cassette.  #V23-85.  $35.99
1 CD.   #D35-85. $15.99

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